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Publishing at ILRI

In 2010, we developed an institutional strategy on publishing at ILRI. This sets out what we do and how.

More information

Types of publications we produce

Work in this area is led by our 'editorial and publishing' team - more information

In 2010, we adopted a creative commons license for our products and outputs. In 2016 a new version was adopted.

For staff, we provide the following support materials and resources:

Current ILRI short introduction:

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) works to enhance the roles livestock play in pathways out of poverty in developing countries. ILRI is a CGIAR research centre, a global research partnership of 15 centres working with many partners for a food-secure future. ILRI has two main campuses in East Africa and other hubs in East, West and southern Africa and South, Southeast and East Asia.

More longer and shorter standard blurbs

Standard PowerPoint introduction to ILRI

Standard poster introduction to ILRI

ILRI poster and PowerPoint templates

Standard copyright text for any print publication produced by ILRI / in French

Standard address block for publications - burgundy / in French

Standard address block for publications - grey / in French

Standard address 'block' for letterhead / in French

Standard back cover ILRI-CGIAR block for publications / in French

Letterhead templates

Report and publication templates

Guide to use of the ILRI Logo

Guidance on ILRI standard typefaces

Guide on when and how to add CGIAR Research Program branding to products [CGIAR branding guidelines]

ILRI Publishing Style guide for editors and writers

ILRI typefaces:

  • For documents: Gill Sans for body Text, Garamond for headings
  • For different designs (posters, calendar etc.): Optima
  • For PowerPoint: Calibri

Specs for ILRI corporate burgundy colour

Hex code: #682622

Pantone 505c

CMYK C=50 M = 100 Y=100 K=25

RGB: R=104 G=38 B=34

Editorial resources - people who can help with editing, translating etc:

Templates for publications, posters, presentations, letterhead