Using yammer in comms

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Using Yammer @ ILRI comms group

1. Register with your address at

  • Click open the 'Edit Profile' button and filll out the basic profile fields
  • Make sure your title contains 'ILRI' (eg: 'ILRI Information Manager' or 'web developer at ILRI'; if it does not, click 'Edit' to change your title to include the word "ILRI")
  • Enter your location city
  • Upload a picture
  • Under 'applications' ([[1]]), download the desktop application

2. Under 'Groups', join 'ILRI Comms' ([|]

3. Visit the ILRI group page, scroll down the left side to see 'Notifications'

  • Unclick 'subscribe to this group be email' to reduce your email traffic (if you subscribe to email notifications, you will be alerted by email every time a member of ILRI Comms posts a message)

4. Once in the group, click 'Members' ([[2]])

  • 'follow' all your colleagues (the boxes on the right should all say 'UNFOLLOW' if you are following everyone)

CONGRATULATIONS ... You are in the ILRI Comms Yammer community!

5. Post an update to Yammer each day (in the morning) so we know what we are doing.

  • Send an email to [] or:
  • Visit the group ([[3]]) and enter text, or:
  • Type text into your desktop application (via the groups button or directly).

6. What should you share in your update? Share something about:

  • A project you started or finished, can be small
  • Your plans for the day, any absence, visitors you met
  • Something you need help with
  • An event you will attend
  • Something (work) on your mind
  • Something interesting you noticed and want to share

7. Watch what others are saying:

  • Offer help or feedback if needed, by replying directly or publicly

8. Use the ILRI Comms group to send a message to everyone: A question, a result, a plan

9. Post at least one update each day; that is the minimum. We can review this later. Remember not to go crazy and overload yourself and us all!

10. Document great cases of using Yammer on this page (on Yammer)


More resources about Yammer: