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Using podcasts @ ILRI

ILRI produces two types of podcasts: - audio files from interviews etc that we publish on podomatic, and publish on through iTunes?? - audio files from our videos on that are republished through iTunes??

-Listen to all our audio podcasts at iTunes (??) url? - Listen to our audio only podcasts at Podomatic - View/listen to our videos at

1. Creating a podcast for Podomatic Podcast length: Create both a short (1-3 min) and longer (5-8 min) versions if the interview material is interesting and substantive. - use the 1-2 min versions within Top Story - link to longer versions for those of the more substantive audio files.

2. Publishing in Podomatic Login at to publish podcasts (mp3 format ideally) ILRI podcasts are located at [[1]] The 'My podcast > Upload' tab enables the upload of a new podcast or editing of a previous post.

  1. give the file a short explanatory filename before uploading the file.
  2. ensure you know the date (ideally month and year) of the podcast
  3. identify the event or meeting where the podcast was recorded and the name of any person interviewed

After uploading:

  1. Give the podcast an explanatory title
  2. In the description field enter further information on the podcast.

something about the content of the podcast: the event name, the names of people in the podcast the month and year the podcast was taken.

  1. Podcast tags: Please refer to tags guidelines.
  2. Audio files from

These are automatically (?) send through to the ILRI iTunes account from (or is there a setting/action? – if so, which).

  1. ILRI audio on iTunes
  • how does this work? Any settings needed?