Graphic facilitation and recording

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What is graphic facilitation / recording?

See the Wikipedia definition and see this introduction video. media type="custom" key="25939120"

Graphic facilitation (sometimes also referred to as 'graphic recording') is a great way to capture rich and complex conversations in a compelling visual manner that keeps track of important information and creates a special effect for the event.

What are the experiences of ILRI with graphic facilitation?

We have made use of graphic facilitation during the Annual Planning Meeting (APM) 2013. At the time we used the services of Housatonic and they helped us capture some keynote addresses and Open Space session conversations. See some of their work for ILRI's APM at: [[1]]

The same team was hired again for the 2014 African dairy value chain seminar.

How to use the services of graphic facilitators and what does it cost?

We recommend using the services of Housatonic. Contact Alfredo Carlo at Housatonic [(] / tel +39 051 6192511 - fax +39 051 6193535 / mobile +39 329 2224093)

A related company is MatterGroup. And yet another one is: Julie Stuart [[2]] - who was nearly the one selected to work with ILRI for the APAM 2013.

There are many different graphic recording artists and networks and one of the best graphic facilitators CGIAR has been working with is Nancy White from Full Circle ([nancyw [at]])

What can they do? Graphic recording artists preferably work in pairs or teams to cover different areas. They can do the following:

  • Document plenary or group conversations on large boards or short ones (to be captured by photography afterwards)
  • Develop knowledge walls (see examples from the APM again) where the artists are summarizing key points and all participants are invited to share their comments and observations (which are then also captured on the wall).

How much does it cost?