E&C team meeting 20140828

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Present: Ben Hack (BH - notetaker), Ewen Le Borgne (ELB - chair), Muthoni Njiru (MN), Tsehay Gashaw (TG).


  1. Review our ongoing activities on Asana, particularly ‘big projects’ (OCS, ILRI@40, Internal Comms etc.) and review minutes & action points
  2. How we support different teams and projects with engagement and collaboration expertise
  3. What we need to document / consolidate for us and for others
  4. Using Asana - ongoing review
  5. AOB

Summary of action points

Meeting notes

1. Review of ongoing activities and last meeting minutes/action points (Asana)

Last team chats (6 / 20 August) notes/results?

Please update notes at: http:ilri-comms.wikispaces.com/E%26C_Routine_team_meetingshttp:ilri-comms.wikispaces.com/E%26C_Routine_team_meetings

Urgent/unexpected events and activities (Anyone)

  1. Seminar LSE by Mario Herrero. Mario will be coming over to ILRI (unclear yet if it's NBO/ADD) to give a seminar (hosted by the LSE team). The LSE team needs support with flyer, invitations etc. It's sthg we need to organize. Most likely among Muthoni, Angela Nekesa (AN), Ewen (if in Nairobi), or Muthoni(graphics), Tsehay, Ewen if in Addis.
  2. 'LinkedIn group engagement approach. 'LinkedIn group is open for now and there's only 1 group. Mail chimp message sent to 400+ email addresses re: ILRI@40... Ewen prepared a concept note and shared it with Susan and Tigist before sharing with the group concerned.
  3. Interviews for African dairy seminar. MN and ELB will support the screening of photographer candidates for a job on the African dairy seminar.
  4. Signage for campus. MN has been very much involved in this with Tesfay Kifle and Meron Mulatu. Next week F2F meeting with them and Peter B in Nairobi.


Things are going rather smoothly. Comms plan on the back burner. AN has been standing in for ELB most recent steering committee meetings. ELB will be in Nairobi for the one after next. Mostly focusing on the wiki for now and there's been updates from Jimmy's Town Hall, Martin's email and Isaac Kihara's simulation preparation sessions last week. BH talked to Isaac Kihara about OCS taxonomy.

ILRI@40 (MN)

- Meeting with Ed Rege tomorrow to talk about general program and layout of learning event on Oct. 1. MN to be MC for the day. MN/AN to support facilitation. - MN assisting comms & promoting through emails, FMC etc. to get momentum… Science posters to engage scientists. Structure of the meeting: Morning keynote/groupwork and afternoon tours around the campus… - Lots of work went to contact list management. 400 contacts on Maiilchimp and all will go into SalesForce for use later – integrating Mailchimp. There will be decentralized contact management. - AN to lead on the alumni day on 1 October and she’ll contact us again if she needs support - We also need to discuss this with PB and SMM – ELB to plan this for his trip to Nbi. Feeling that there’s not much going on about celebrating this externally. - In Addis we shouldn’t forget about communicating the event internally (at coffee mornings etc.)

Developing facilitation capacity (ELB)

Training course lagging behind because everyone in P&OD and Comms is too busy. Friend consultants approached for the job too. MN and TG definitely to attend. Otherwise we need to document important/innovative facilitation jobs on Maarifa and the wiki so we can build a capacity that goes beyond us alone and develop a list of useful resources in the E&C landing page.

Engaging with akin networks (ELB)

CapDev feels they have to facilitate training events. Indeed, for the future, training relates to CapDev first and foremost. We should contact them when we see opportunities to collaborate.

With P&OD: For staff induction, is that part of our E&C remit? We need to change our induction presentation? TG has been involved in the comms induction…Induction is different for comms than for other sections because they need to use a number of tools etc. MN is on the Xmas committee – on Friday afternoons. P&OD site: AN has been chasing staff to get docs on shared folder to put on the micro site. Where should the site be built? BH developed a mockup and Daniel Hailemichael/Liya Dejene are looking at that to estimate efforts and how this can be implemented. We are going way beyond current Drupal features. All bells and whistles. E.g. Landing page for IRS/NRS etc. AN to lead a bit in NBO and DHM really leading this work. Timelines slipping a bit (launch not in September). Hopefully PB talking about this next week in NBO.

With ICT – Paul wants to reduce email traffic about announcements – these will go to ILRI announcements blog. They asked LD/TG about website support.

E&C with embedded staff (ELB)

ELB has to follow up on points mentioned at the meeting.E&C offering (and process to prioritize work) should be spelt out on the E&C landing page and is work in progress.

Internal comms updates (AN)

Concept note shared. No feedback on this yet.

Info-centre revamp (AN)

On the back burner for now.


Last week ECF conference with very sensitive issues tackled. This project is still pending on inputs from Vish, Ben etc. and is on the back burner for now.

DevComms CoP (AN)

No invitation sent. Yammer group created but needs to be promoted. A little urgency with this after Abby's last gathering. Now petering out a bit.

E2.0 strategy (BH)

It’s about collaboration tools. Mapped out processes on this and waiting for PB’s feedback on priority ones (SalesForce, Asana, Yammer, Simplicant)… It’s our ecosystem as things are evolving. There’s scope for more. One of BH’s deliverables is about best practices for e2.0 and collaboration (requiring literature review). Perhaps when in Italy this can be done. It's a project that's here to stay and requires Tsehay's inputs. TG to be involved in this. The landscaping doc was shared. It’s now about prioritizing (new) use cases… e.g. tracking unique IDs on campus.

Bi-weekly team meetings

We don't always have a quorum at these short chats but there's still value in these just to touch base on the most urgent things. And those can be lightly documented on the wiki page too (and tasks on Asana of course).

Other ongoing E&C business (ELB/Anyone)


2. How we support different teams (parked for next team meeting)

  • How to deal with requests and how to prepare our work strategically?
  • Who are we supporting and who do we aim to target/support?
  • What do we need to do in order to support ILRI and CRP teams most effectively?

3. What we need to document/consolidate

Any new area to consolidate and either update on the wiki or blog about?

  • e.g. ILRIVac, P&OD support --> Yes and will be done (BH for ILVAC, AN for P&OD) when something more tangible comes out.
  • Any other bit of work from recent experiences?

4. Using Asana (ongoing review)

We agreed that we could focus on organizing meetings using Asana (and Hangouts for video conferencing) and pull agenda based on tasks we want to discuss. Then light documentation would be done on this wiki for the record, at least after the meeting.

5. AOB

  • What about next week's team chat? It will happen anyway if 2 people are available (AN and BH since none of the other ones will be available).
  • The next large (face-to-face) team meeting will take place on 18 September from 2 to 5pm and will be facilitated by MN and documented by ELB