E&C team meeting 20140606

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Present: Angela, Ben, Ewen, Muthoni, Tsehay.

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  • What have you picked up from the KMC meeting re: our team?
  • What big projects are on our plate?
  • Your issues and concerns?
  • Some ideas to make this team work
  • Next, concrete steps


Key ideas you picked up from the meeting?

  • A lot of internal comms is shifting to us
  • Anything with engagement is shifting to us (e.g. ILRI 40)
  • Clearly put roles and responsibilities – right now a lot of overlaps e.g. A&A…
  • Embedded & floating/parachuted?
  • Need to define how we interface with HR, ICT etc. and a clear scope for those issues.
  • Curious that Salesforce is embedded in P&C – Engagement needs to have a vision about this… It’s about building relationships…

What big projects do we have to work on? Projects indicated in bold definitely have to happen / get delivered in 2014

  • OCS
  • Livestock Live Talk (LLT) seminars
  • Internal comms revamp

Info centre revamp

  • ILRI @40 regional support and general engagement support
  • Various events to support

Alice conference ...

  • Komms Klinics training overhaul
  • KMC4CRPs / Friday update on KM
  • ILRINet (desirable – BH interested to work on this)
  • Develop our strategy, explain clearly who we are, what we do, what are the projects we’ll be supporting, how people can contact us etc.
  • CRM support…

Your issues/questions/concerns

  • Is the overall idea of the team clear for you now? --> Not yet, but we'll clarify this as we go along.
  • Will we connect with the Business Unit? --> Yes but we won’t be driving this work (the type of work they do). Salesforce CRM will come back in the picture next year and will connect with this piece of work.
  • What would you love to get involved in?

(TG / MN) Getting into the design of developing relationship; Getting involved in the whole process – BH to develop a write-up of the work (with basic and deluxe) on ILVAC.

Some ideas to make our team work How to communicate with each other?

  • Skype chat (as short as can be) with the whole team, every 2 weeks. e.g. short team touch-base. We organise this even if some of us are not around…
  • On location touch base every week
  • Necessary Yammer updates - non negotiable for all team members
  • Yammer for sharing of docs / links of interest…
  • Set up a wiki page for this group ( this page) to keep track of meeting notes etc.
  • Every 4 to 6 months, have a team meeting (partly face to face and skyping the rest of the team in) to brainstorm / blue sky, discuss trend analysis + review how this team works (deeper stuff than ongoing daily business)
  • Regular documentation of our work on the ILRI comms wiki + on Maarifa so we get people to know what we do and the successes we have registered
  • Possible peer assist (as part of our team meetings?)
  • Develop process facilitation expertise among us – put together resources, do some face to face training, get more opportunities to do this. Do some reading also to get your mind in the right place etc.
  • (Possibly later) Buddy up – either pairing someone with NBO with someone from ADD or pairing someone from embedded staff (working in this team) with someone from the parachuted/floating staff.
  • (Possibly later) Email-less experiment à ACTION: BH to share sthg on the task-sharing tool etc. (open to anyone) – check the task-sharing link on the June comms meeting page.
  • (Possibly later) Run the Liberating Structures IEQ test among team members
  • (Possibly later) Work on improving personal effectiveness

Concrete next steps:

  • JDs to review (in the coming week or 2);
  • Be more proactive about the inputs of ILRI@40 we want to / can provide (in the coming 3-4 weeks)
  • KRAs to reflect new plans in 2014 (in the coming 4-5 weeks);
  • Work plans / strategy for this strand to work on (in the coming 4-6 weeks);
  • Team meeting to organize this work (End June/early July if enough progress made on other fronts, otherwise late August. and then late Sept. at latest)
  • Develop product / service lines (in the coming 4-6 weeks);
  • Need to define how we interface with HR, ICT, CapDev etc. and a clear scope for those issues with PB (in the coming 4-6 weeks);
  • Find a way to connect with the embedded team (in the coming 4-8 weeks;
  • M&E plan for our work too (in the coming 2-3 months);
  • Follow up on info centre revamp (in the coming 2-4 months);
  • Develop vision about Salesforce CRM (BH, in the coming 2-4 months)? Engaging us to get ideas about the requirements etc.