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This page keeps track of all ongoing bi-weekly (or otherwise) virtual meetings in the Engagement and Collaboration team.

29 June 2017

Participating: Ben, Ewen, Susan.


  • Big things we're working on
  • AOB

Conversation Big things we're working on:

  • Susan: supporting Jimmy's mission at the UN in New York and reworking on the OP-Eds for the next 'push' in the GLAD project.
  • Ben: Working on an org chart on content management for SalesForce (PMOs) - shared a file on Skype. Sthg to pick up with ELB. And mapping out the relation with embedded comms. Working on training packages etc. Contract extension for TSIM. New set of results agreement proposed to Shirley. Ben interested in working on internal communication and lead an intranet project + ESN (mostly around Office 365)...

Good to liaise with Dani on the Intranet part. And to liaise with Beamlak and Gail (and their counterparts in Nairobi) on face-to-face engagement etc. A good opportunity to review e.g. Yammer, Asana etc.

  • Ewen: Working on SDG request by Shirley + country engagement guidelines (and on ET) + looking into engagement with other orgs in NL. AR hiring (nearly) finalised.


  • James working on a book over the long term impact of ILRI or so years - SM worried about the time this might take...
  • An option to hire an Indian comms specialist who might be working with Steve and Vish to write up their stuff...

9 June 2017

Participating: Liya, Susan, Ewen.


  • Big things we're working on.
  • AOB

Conversation: Big things we're working on

  • Susan: back to blogging. And working on the Kapiti ranch (invitation, program, brochure) with Terry...
  • Liya: Working on CKM web stats - will be taking + ACGG campaign reports and compiling facts. Posting cards online etc.
  • Ewen: Africa RISING comms recruitment + various requests from Shirley...

AOB. CG curation is really great! Well done Liya! On social media curation... Shirley is looking for some clear overview of who takes care of what social media as we go along... SMM working on Pinterest (Directorate PPTs, WILD, etc.) - let me know if you want to be involved in this. FlickR... 2-4 hours / week of managing etc. to move the events to the bottom etc. Liya is open to anything... Happy to take this up.

On FlickR, SMM will continue to do 'FlickR galleries' and please find things in the galleries (about 40 of them)... And start managing FlickR... And then more and more of that work will go to Liya.

ACTION: SMM and LD to take care of this by sitting together and going through the work + summarising it on the ILRI comms wiki (so it's not too person-dependent). People asking for help to find pictures etc. should be pointed to the folders etc. rather than being handed the pictures directly.

Possible Maarifa post: LD on leading GASL communications...

27 April 2017


  • Prelude: reminder to all share your work on Yammer
  • Quick round of the 'big projects we're working on'?
  • Balancing corporate vs. project work (and using Yammer)?
  • Lessons learned from the genebank opening?
  • Wiki clean up
  • Engagement around the campus - reviving it? Start pulling ideas about this and focus on this next time around.
  • AOB?


  • We will rotate the facilitation/documentation of these meetings once we have the full team on board.
  • Big things we're working on:

SMM: Genebank opening - and thank donors for their investment. Do this 6x/year a letter to donors etc. Also 100+ people to thank for the opening. Lower our ambitions about new projects to make sure we don't overwhelm people. Liya used Twitter Moments to collect tweets and embed that in the WP blogs etc. (service started last October)... Great to give the genebank opening... Only one email sent to donors etc. TG: Various bits and bobs... Induction program. ELB: AR PCT/SAG and recruitment for comms officer + plans to move to Holland + next facilitation training with large group and steep learning for ELB, logistics coordinator (Simret) and Joseph shadowing Simret to be logistics coordinator in Nairobi. SMM asks about the Africa RISING Comms position. Ewen says there is a program-wide Africa RISING position opening. This person will look at program-wide (3 regional projects) communications needs. (Jonathan covers two regions, Simret covers one region). This is an IRS position. Ewen will be on the recruitment. Short-listed candidates will be invited soon. The position should start in Sep or so.

  • Balancing corporate vs. project work (and using Yammer):

SMM: why is it that our people are not always available for corporate ILRI comms work? E.g. Apollo to contribute pictures to FlickR. Are we investing too much time on our projects? ELB says that we need to generate money for our work. TG: Maybe this is where ILRI has to change e.g. the training and support we give for projects should be paid by projects. This needs to be discussed at management level. ELB: Fluctuating balance for corporate vs. project work - SMM to identify specific corporate opportunities we need to work on + we all need individually to make sure we connect our work with corporate comms + we should prioritise project work that also helps ILRI further down the line. TG: Right now in the absence of Peter we need clarity about who does what between projects/corporate. Tsehay says Peter used to make the connections between projects and corporate work. And who will ensure quality as well as balancing these jobs. Peter also used to ensure CKM standards and protocols. Who takes care of this now? SMM: Some of that work could also happen on Yammer to find help with xyz and e.g. how much time we should spend on project xyz etc. and wondering if we can ask more questions on Yammer. Perhaps we need to praise people on Yammer etc. and tag them to interest them in it. Keep a positive spirit. We also need to be accountable for these things etc. force the issue. ELB: use the Yammer community to get help, answer questions, explore things, share information and updates - and for actions start with emails and only then use Yammer... Weekly Yammer updates are non-negotiable anyhow for all of us now. TG says that there are non-CKM people on that group. ACTION: TG to check if possible to remove non-CKM folks.

  • Wiki clean up:

People are not communicating who is in charge of xyz wiki. It's not easy to get that information. SMM asks for this on Yammer in case no one responds to the email... TG revising induction on wikis etc. Who takes care of induction in Nairobi? Hole since Muthoni/Angela moved on. TG revising induction materials. Every team has a presentation with P&OD. Our CKM team presentation is about the whole CKM services and tools and. TG gives the presentation only once to several people who have been for a month at ILRI (making sure they have a PC/email address). ILRI announcements training is given by P&OD for Addis - but is this happening in Nairobi? Thirdly, TG trying to share a small presentation for when they first arrive (until they get the proper induction). That presentation can be given in Nairobi/Addis. ELB: Perhaps do an audio presentation based on this. And host a virtual one-hour session to answer questions from the newly inducted people. ACTION: revise the WHO DOES WHAT? ACTION: TG to edit the short version and present it to ELB/SMM by 5 May.

  • Lessons learned from the Genebank opening - on Yammer. How can we collectively use our expertise as CKM rather than duplicating efforts and overlaps etc. Whose role is this etc.?
  • Engagement about the campuses - to address later.

30 March 2017 - E&C + A&A

From this meeting onwards, Susan MacMillan and Liya Dejene - both working in the A&A team - also joined these chats now scheduled monthly - to share news.

  • How we want these meetings to run:

Share our work regularly on Yammer Spend very little time at these meetings checking in on the 'major project(s)' that keep us busy right now Come up with a specific agenda and use the time we have (or less) to address these and/or pick each other's brains to get support with specific issues etc.

  • Topics to address in these meetings in the future:

Office 365 plans and effect on our social media platforms etc. GLAD campaigns Collaboration tools?

  • Online social media responsibilities etc.

TG: PB handed over this division of tasks etc. and: a) all blogs are now with Tsega ie. set up new blogs, technical support, offer training for content folks. Tsega himself not clear on this b) remains with TG: wikis (tech set up, training, support) + MailChimp and SurveyMonkey also TG. For wikis, TG keeps track of content as archived. But wikis that are dead are no longer supported. WP blogs can remain on WP.com but some ads etc. might be displayed c) other social media: Liya. Set up, tech training, support etc. But someone needs to keep an oversight on all blogs, check that they don't go dead etc. Who's in charge of the content? Tsega is not clear about this - archiving etc. We don't have someone having overall supervision. How to chase people etc. With wikis this should also be strategically organised, also for phased out projects. Some wikis are maintained and paid from CKM budget. >> SUSAN REPLIES: Peter B told me that James is providing general oversight of all ILRI blogs from now on. Action points: * ACTION: Leadership team to discuss this in May with PB. * ACTION: TG will ask people to put their name on the wikis they're managing. * ACTION: Discussion required on which social media we keep on using or not * ACTION: BH to circulate a list of these platforms to review. A lot of stuff happening in Office 365 - I'll report more on that. Next intranet: this will be BIG - we need to stay connected iwth ICT plans

  • Curation of ILRI content for CG website etc.

Curation of ILRI content: SMM and Tezira used to post more items on the CG website from ILRI - what are your plans? --> LD: PB told me to curate content from our project blogs to the website, except for News/Clippings/AgHealth. Sam said the system is not functional for now so we can't add feeds etc. We can't add LIVESTOCK feeds yet. LD taking care of adding other feeds otherwise. Sam will get back to us when the system starts to function. The system also can't add new users so PB shared his credentials with LD. SMM: Does this include curating pictures? --> LD: We talked with Sam about news but that could be looked into. SMM will deal with press releases and ILRI news. But publications, projects, pix and videos - a selection would be fine for LD to curate. New LIVESTOCK website completely different from the L&F one. Other categories: slides to be also managed by LD. Vacancies normally taken care of by P&OD. >> SUSAN ADDS: I updated the ILRI news curation work on CGIAR and found that POD has curated no job vacancies on the CG webiste for all of this year. Informed Stella and Shirley about that and that POD needs to start doing this regularly again.

  • ACGG gender comms campaign:

See https://www.yammer.com/acgg/#/notes/3191840 SMM - few ideas: campaign including infographics that Betty could help us with. Including major facts about women and livestock/chickens. Many pics on Pinterest/FlickR. Perhaps do a series - postcards to look alike with a uniform design - all about gender and chickens. Blog series on ACGG and ILRI corporate blogs. Problem with the scaling up of chicken rearing which benefits the men. Women disempowered - SMM wanted to know what ACGG is doing to try to stop that from happening. Visual campaign to be branded. >> SUSAN ADDS: I've tried to start some chcken-egg-women conversations on LinkedIn, referring to recent articles, and also emailing Tadelle and Jasmine and other scientists, to ask for their inputs/responses. I've also requested to join the ACGG YamJam group, where we can start to collect cool facts, quotes etc to use in the campaign ACTION: SMM tio start developing a postcard design - By 7 April Betty, Liya etc. all to review and refine? ACTION: ELB to talk to JS to get Betty to work with infographics Most ACGG gender materials available at http://acgg.wikispaces.com/Gender SMM: Here is my response to the ACGG blog article on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7490762 TG: Channels to use: how to connect with ILRI etc.? --> Suggest on Twitter we use @ILRI @TadelleD #ACGG and chickens as a minimum and #AfriChickenGen. And @GatesFoundation Add postcard series to tweets to have more space SMM: Watch out for stats on chicken and women - whenever you find them use Yammer to share them. Peter had a session on gender in GLAD and that has led to some 5 main messages which will be approved soon and they will go to the GLAD message maps. Some of those materials etc. are about chickens

Next chat: 27 April 2017

22 June 2016

  • E&C needs assessment study follow up and feedback on recommendations.

ACTION: BH to review ELB's recommendations before 25 July. ACTION: BH to chat with Vish (and team).

  • Facilitation campaign (following Duncan Green's work) for .

Sthg to chat about with Peter...

  • General update on your work. KRAs to focus on?

Ben: * On KRAs, have to establish an idea management process (and platform?) to work on in Italy. SalesForce does idea management; Yammer could also be an option. IPM could be a good idea to do sthg around it this year, on innovation management, facilitation etc. What has ILRI/CKM been doing on innovation management etc. ? Sthg that sits before OCS (where business processes start with a concept note). This would feed the process before that. * Another research project with Wageningen on enterprise social network. * SalesForce is going on and having the CG Space crew here was good. Content of SalesForce made available via ILRI.org. Making content viewable for the website or the Intranet (ILRINet)... This issue was an overdue requirement and it's clear that we'd need licenses. Tsega and Dani involved in this and initial collaboration is very nice. Getting the content and liberating it out of the platforms. * Web project with Karen Marshall for a consultation on genomics prototyping tools (online discussion) with African universities and research institutes - a platform for people to blog, debate etc.? * Co-working space in the info centre - Peter helped move this around. There was a controversy about discarding books and sullying the reputation of ILRI. Social media guidelines could have been published... Ewen: * ACGG - a lot of ongoing work. Business cocktail planned for late August. * CLiP - DRC - Burundi. Going to DRC in August to establish comms plan. * FAO work: Starting. * Social learning: Synthesise all the CCSL work - gamification applied to the implementation of the LMP in the Ethiopian regions. * Africa RISING: case study on innovation platforms... Tsehay: * 2 events: ILSSI (late July, Tanzania) + possibly HIVOS/Bioversity work on 'open source seed systems' (October). * Some Maarifa blogging. * Some writing for ACGG. * KRAs about Komms Klinics: how to go about this? --> Informal training.

  • Leave plans?

ELB: 25 June - 25 July (minus 11-15 July working from France). BH: Working until mid-August then month off after baby comes to mid-September and then working and going to Vienna (Tropentag) late September. Travelling back to Nairobi 29 September... TG: Off 2nd (or 3rd) week of August until early September...

  • AOB

Upcoming issues of the KM4D journal on Open Data and Information Management (May 2017) and about communities of practice (September 2017)...

09 March 2016

  • E&C needs assessment study: next steps and advice on providing recommendations?

ELB did the ASSP and Feeds & forages bio-sciences Ben to follow up with Vish We will review the whole study approach and survey with the leadership team and the whole CKM team later on, after we have the results from all 3 pilot teams.

  • AOB, Upcoming events etc.

Muthoni: * Handover notes MN: end of this week + any further idea about documentation * GCARD3: PB asking MN about this and PB looking for people to drive that... * FARA AASW: Unclear how we are engaging with that for now. Ethel interested about this. Ben: working on written deliverables over the past couple of weeks etc., Asana trial evaluation etc. Feedback on the outline... Also working again on the concept note for the co-creation space. Some new functionalities but mainly 3 zones: collaboration, quiet, intermediary with the cafe etc. and meeting rooms ('the cube')... Probably doesn't need much furniture except for the cafe... Salesforce roll-out is also moving ahead. Terry will be the person entering contacts - and that links with the newsletter work... Need inputs from Peter and others. Ewen: mentioned various stuff

  • Communication support (TG) changes: parked for next time when Tsehay is around.

17 February 2016

- E&C survey: progress and next steps

  • o ASSP: now finalizing report
  • o Forage BS: FGD to happen still.
  • o Vaccines? Not much news. Talked to Vish – trying to catch his team. Lots of people travelling. FGD with his team still be to be held.
  • o How we develop reports? à Recommendations for next wave?
  • o What do we do about other teams? à See if we need to restructure the survey based on general themes + draft a blog post. Sthg at leadership level?

- Splitting up comms tasks: ways forward?

  • o The idea behind is to organize support beyond TG’s capacity – how to share tasks with TG… This is because regional/thematic comms folks keep coming back to TG for support. Liya was sharing parts of this job but she’s not around.
  • o What areas of responsibilities would you like to hand over? à At least getting Nairobi team to support Nairobi and regional teams to take care of that. Of course very technical requests etc. Tiny requests come here and there… And subscription requests are also dealt with by TG e.g. 52 blogs, 80 wikis, Pinterest etc. all social media subscriptions have to be followed up.
  • o How many requests? à Sometimes over 15 per day, sometimes 1-2. The majority of requests comes through email, IVDN, face-to-face. A majority of requests are about copy-pasting… (e.g. how do I get the text I copied etc. I’ve lost it, how to create pages etc.). A lot of wiki requests.
  • o Do we have a record of this? à No.

- Upcoming events?

  • o ELB in Nbi
  • o Consultation for the Livestock CRP with lots of partners (30-35 guests) on Wed.
  • o IPM in May
  • o AR-WA R&P
  • o ISPC Science Forum
  • o ACGG PMT meeting in Aug-Oct?
  • o TropenTag in September in Vienna? Chances for BH to be there.

- AOB?

  • o BH: I had my review with PB and went reasonably well and I’m struggling with deliverables. I need more structured deadlines. We’ll be doing sthg about that. KRAs: Peter’s system seems to be contrary to the spirit of the system. Maybe sthg to address in leadership team chat…
  • o MN: Each person’s KRAs should be specific and we have to be accountable.
  • o ELB: investigate with P&OD in ADD & NBO about this.

20 January 2016

  • Review of 2015 + looking ahead at 2016
  • P&OD matters: Performance review 2015 + KRAs 2016 to be developed and submitted by 29 Feb. 2016 (and system training for supervisors planned late Jan.). Essential to align individual KRAs with ILRI's CSFs... Keep watching out for info on these CSFs and guidance (from me) on this.
  • E&C campaign: status and next steps?
  • Upcoming matters and events: site integration events (Kenya!!!), ACGG PMT, ISPC meeting, AR Ethiopia+W-A review & planning meeting, BecA event in Feb.; Facilitation training continues in late Feb.
  • AOB: BecA

16 November 2015

Touching base on last CKM meeting. Issues, pointers? What big projects are relevant for us?

  • Campaigns
  • CKM visibility campaign (starting with engagement survey)
  • Events:

ISPC meeting Media roundtables Economist event GCARD 3 VC Hub launch

  • Advocacy for livestock
  • CRP development
  • Kenya strategy (?)

+ engagement survey etc. Implications:

  • Finalise KRAs 2014 asap (ELB) and enter 2015 KRAs
  • Develop KRAs accordingly for 2016 (on paper for now)
  • Start mapping when we'll be busier than at other times
  • Get ready to help Tsehay on the E&CKM visibility campaign
  • Recharge! Talk to teams in a planned manner around the campaign

28 October 2015

Job Reclassification progress - Tsehay & Muthoni

  • Request submitted, waiting for response from POD
  • Muthoni to follow up with Anita to clarify next steps / requirements

Feedback on concluded projects

  • Mali: Africa Raising next phase planning, proposal writing
  • Induction process: Put on agenda for Nov F2F, presentation and ressource are good, Need to make sure POD in Addis are coordinating batches of people

Current ongoing projects

  • OCS: Open Day, some confusion, too early for feedback. Date to be confirmed by Steering Committee. Still many challenges for users.
  • Livestock Expo on lower Kabete campus: Muthnoin working with country rep, coordinating contributions form Dorine, Tezira, Solomon and Ethel
  • Epi event next week, value chain hub planning meeting, need to spend CTA budget, moved dates in parallel to Livestock Convening meeting
  • Office 365 pilots experiencing challenges with file synch, mailing lists, etc. IT involved now, formalizing trial, Ben and Stephe writing up a concept
  • LIVES Newsletter and others: Tsehay working on template,
  • New wikis for CRP collaboration, Boni leading
  • Concept note collaboration & engagement, Tsehay to draft outline of baseline
  • Livestock Convening meeting and other events: Muthoni to talk to Nadine

14 October 2015

  • P&OD issues:

KRAs for 2015: send me your feedback on this and let’s close this by the end of this week. Job reclassification: please register your request and I’ll upload the docs. Performance report: pending on PB.

  • Events upcoming:

CIP late Oct. VC hub meeting early Nov. Livestock convening in early Nov + team meeting. Site integration Ethiopia meeting early December (and Tanzania? Contact IITA). Recharge!!! For small business, we can recover from other activities... Timesheets need to reflect the projects we are working on...

  • Campaign for E&C: let’s get started NOW.
  • Other news:

KMC work: comment please! [https:docs.google.com/document/d/1sIsdlIKYBS0kTGcAYqo76FBfw2xlHRdFD_cdOU_C6lk/edit| https:docs.google.com/document/d/1sIsdlIKYBS0kTGcAYqo76FBfw2xlHRdFD_cdOU_C6lk/] OCS work: open day + video after Nov. 16.

  • Holiday plans?

ELB away from 21/10 to 05/11.

  • AOB?
  • Next meeting: chaired by MN.

30 September 2015

  • Focus on finalising the delivery packs + blog posts (L&F online meeting evaluation post coming up);

ACTION: ELB to get in touch with BH about this;

  • Working on the campaign and survey to assess engagement etc.;

BH has a deliverable on a 'baseline' around collaboration; ACTION: write up the concept note about this; * Methodology: survey + FGD + pull stats from existing collaboration systems (e.g. wikis, Yammer) to use that as a baseline. * Is it possible to use this as a baseline? * P. Casier working on a webinar (13 Oct. 10.30am-12pm EAT) about online meetings... Collection of lessons learnt. * Looking at: usability, social connections, situation awareness, content, RoI.

  • AOB?

Berlin TropenTag was nice, interesting keynotes. Waiting for them to put presentations online. Especially closing keynotes were interesting. TSIM working event was also helpful. Dr. Sanginga was giving the keynote. Youth issues were cropping up. Germany's allocating EUR 4 Bn to refugees ie. 2x as much as development aid - and the debate is looking into the root causes behind the refugee crisis.

5 August 2015


  • Updates (OCS, campaigns)

ELB: * OCS: Checking progress on comms materials + organising OCS open day in Addis next week. * ACGG updates, covering the Ethiopia launch and content plan to fill gaps from ACGG team on the website. * CKM/E&C: follow up from leadership chats + some updates on generic and specific campaigns, on KRAs, JDs etc. * Africa RISING: follow up from ESA meeting + some blogging (interviews) + some program work. * Some admin work on CCSL, some distant work on the KMC4CRP briefs, some work on possible secondment from an IPSS (Institute for Policy and Security S?) staff member. MN: * Working with Shirley on the Livestock CRP to come up with design ideas * Worked on the OCS comms materials + setting up the video with Jimmy + the open day BH: * Going on leave tomorrow for 2 weeks and then working from Italy. Peter pushing hard on newsletter integration using SalesForce to map onto MailChimp but takes some fiddling around... * CIM progress report, contract renewal hinges on that * Working on the co-working space concept. Iain, Misja and Shirley showing interest, supportive. * Ben working with Michael Marus and Meti on the Office 365 and integration with Yammer + larger issue of piloting Office 365. Peter wants a limited set of functions (doc management, file search, collaborative document) - we may come up with a bespoke testing plan. Meti has a good understanding of Office 365.

  • CKM / E&C campaign

See initial thoughts about this (and add/comment/suggest) at: http://ilri-comms.wikispaces.com/CKM+awareness+campaign+2015

  • AOB? N/A
  • Next meeting 19 August


23 July 2015

  • Peformax training: when is it scheduled / next steps?

KRAs for 2014 pre-loaded Everyone trained This will be a regular feature from these chats from now on

  • Update from CKM leadership team

Discussed splitting workload of departed staff and e.g. Angeline's work on induction, social media support etc. will be taken care of by Muthoni. TG and MN to discuss this further. Also discussed support to programs/regions (not happening this year). We also discussed Maarifa content plan and agreed that we'll check every time what possible stories could be published... We discussed the CKM plans at large. ACTION: ELB to send around latest plans for E&C...

  • Matter for Maarifa posts? Not for now...
  • AOB:

Peter was wondering about where we find notes from our chats... One CGIAR / SharePoint / Office 365: Meti wants us to test it but Peter wary that we don't just look like we're rolling it out (because it's a corporate service) but we could test a couple of features e.g. OneDrive + Yammer Pro (rather than newsfeed). Pilot test for CKM is going to happen. How much can we restrict the features? It might be the full features. Peter's going to talk to Meti. Newsletter: Growing demand from regions (Jules etc.) to get e.g. a South-East Asia newsletter - but they want some guidance. Peter will put together a team to fix that quickly in the next 2 weeks. There's elements in MailChimp, Salesforce, RSS feeds subscription modules... Ann Mureithi/Jimmy want to start a newsletter on the business that Jimmy undertakes...

  • Holiday coordination: Ben gone 4 weeks in August/September (2 weeks off / 2 weeks working on writing), Tsehay mid-August (2 weeks), Muthoni going in early September 4 weeks.
  • LinkedIn engagement: how to keep it going and make it more vibrant?

Considering LinkedIn is a portal for job seekers, why don't we ask about why work at ILRI (to pull people in) e.g. impact stories? Pull a conversation and crowdsource e.g. ask people about other information? E.g. on aflatoxins... Put together a little engagement plan + use polls. Give-aways? Mentor others? Hold up your hand... Feelers out for fund-raising? Calls for cap-dev etc. for partners to gang up? What sort of content to put there etc.? How to engage people? Events on LinkedIn? E.g. online (Twitter-like) chats... ILRI's premium content? Or access to journals... Next team chat: Ben organises, MN or ELB document.

24 June 2015

  • Progress review

Reviewing the plans for 2015 - Please take a look at this... Progress on major activities: * OCS - postponed * GIZ meetings * Working on One CGIAR for Livestock CRP * Dashboard work by BH - Plan to work on influencing * Lots of web work for TG (IBLI web redesign, migrating content, subscriptions etc.) * Comms module for CD * Some events here and there... * Training of Mary Wangari (P&OD) upcoming, as well as that of Beamlak Tesfaye (LIVES) * Program management framework: Accenture consultants' work... Reviewing the Maarifa website... Blogging: review yours, find a date for the posts that are yours and get going with them... * Starting with a post on the danger of the dream of having one-platform-suits-all * Office 365 is another part of the question. It will probably include document management, possibly content management (collaboration), not with team sites, a chat functionality, news feed (similar to Yammer, including licencing etc.), integrated video-conferencing, notebook (wiki functionality) etc.

  • AOB

(Next time) LinkedIn group engagement - how to boost it? Ben to chair - Tsehay to minute. Next

3 June 2015

  • The shock! (Peter B leaving?)
  • The rocks (we are using as stepping stones): plan B thinking, planning, performance dev't preps.

Planning: Please review. Performance development: read the guide, get prepared. Reclassification: We can go forward with this in July.

  • The works (OCS, ACGG, events).

OCS: ... ACGG: ... Events: * Share Fair? Nice and good crew. Very interesting and shared feedback on the form that Pete shared. The same process design doesn't hold for online/offline. Liked the structure and some sessions were good. Working in teams virtually was good. Pier-Paolo's inputs was great. LS1 was difficult to follow - would have liked to hear more about the concept of Liberating Structures. Didn't feel that we got to use them (virtually?). The content of the session wasn't great. Not as much buy-in into the practicals because some people were lost. The set up was very different between f2f and offline. Online you become very aware of the visual cues. Fisher didn't expand on them. Good interacting with different groups etc. listening to peoples' challenges was good. And good to meet these good facilitators. Short time. It gives confidence. * KMC4CRP writeshop. * CIRAD: Muthoni and Jo together on this and it's really nice how this is planned out. Had a meeting with Appolinaire, Shirley etc. Now Jo and Muthoni working on action points for the process. Will be very interesting! e.g. for the outline we do a road map from the beginning to the end. + doing an Open Space. * Design work for Livestock and environment team on a 'donor brief' with Dorine. * Pat Rainey says they want more online meetings. As soon as Tom is back this work will continue. The question about using Office 365 remains open. Updates: Susan and Muthoni talked about an 'image blog' e.g. stories like BBC (pictures with a caption). Susan has other ideas and will rope Muthoni in on this. Program management framework: building a plan or concept. Ben volunteered for that working group. AOB?

13 May 2015

  • CKM planning meeting: feedback and next steps

General feedback: different understanding of KRAs. Good to have Shirley involved in this. Logframe or accountability mechanism? The form is probably obsolete. The new system will probably have a different set up. We should wait for P&OD to tell us what they understand with it. The plan is good to introduce the rationale, teams etc. to give insights to people. The information from the February workshops is all there. The comms strategy developed 4-5 years ago expired and nothing ever came up after that. Planning: Quite vague ideas (deliberately) and we could get to more specifics in the KRAs. Main changes suggested: * Shift target of 30 events to 20 or so * Combine social media engagement status with the internal communication campaign on E&C type of work * Move info centre refurbishment to 2016 unless there's a big appetite for this in IPM (one idea is around this) * Perhaps add sthg around a system/process of developing collaborative ideas before they reach proposal stage (and get into OCS) * ACTION: All to come back to ELB with possible other commitments + interest in specific deliverables (and if you want, develop ideas around these). Leadership group to also agree on the time split across activities. e2.0 strategy: Working on e2.0 strategy. OCS - Share Fair: ELB to chat with MN about this.

  • Update and activities on projects (OCS, Share Fair etc.)

22 April 2015

For nearly all updates Asana contains more information, fyi.

  • OCS comms update

We have amended the communication plan with agreement by the steering committee and Misja Brandenburg (new ILRI CFO) is behind this, supporting us with a.o. a monthly message about OCS. From now on there will be more regular updates on OCS through the 'week ahead' email, digital signage, ilriannouncements blog. More materials (Banner, Brochures, etc…) will be coming out soon. We are working with Muthoni on this but since she's away on sick leave for now we may have to look for alternative options. Tsehay, Ewen, Boni and Gail to sit together to discuss some ideas for Addis OCS comms. We are planning to have OCS open days in late May and again in June to showcase OCS (what it looks like, engaging staff, collecting questions and feedback etc.). This will take place in Nairobi and in Addis too.

  • E&C Comms campaign update

Let us think strategically, there are good blog posts published on Maarifa around engagement work. We need to document more of our work and articulate the value we think we can bring to potential 'customers'. Ewen updated 3 out of 4 service packages that concern E&C directly. The collaboration package should be taken care of by Ben (at least to initiate this). No feedback from anyone on this and all in E&C are expected to review and provide suggestions. Hopefully also some feedback from Peter and Susan will come up. Once we have updated these service packs we need to align these with the overall strategy/plans for 2015-16. About the strategic plans, Peter shared with us (Ewen, Susan, Shirley, Ben) some templates to fill out for each team. How much details to put on needs to be clarified but probably Peter wants broad headlines that can be commuicated to the management and Board. Some of the highlights Ewen proposes for 2015-16: * Social media engagement: what to do about automated info pushing vs. manual engagement (+ further down the line who to involve and how to move it further) * Developing solid M&E to understand the value of our work and show it to others * Developing a more standard approach for awareness and advocacy campaigns i.e. how to work better with Susan’s team. * Ben suggests we need to focus more on collaboration and let us integrate our experiences and expertise.

  • IPM Virtual meeting plan/update (if there is any)

Our experience with L&F has been perceived (in Nairobi) as extremely positive The IPM committee members are happy to continue with the Wordpress tool and a similar process set up for the upcoming meeting ACTION: Ewen and the team to look into the process to add some innovative idea to the process, make more engaging and interactive As it involve some face to face meetings We need to add to have little face to face meetings? ACTION: Ben agreed to upload the draft concept note on the IPM wiki and share it with us Ben needs some support from web team on customizing the Wordpress theme and some of its functionality - ACTION: BH to pick this up with PB The Wordpress site can support many users but it needs testing

  • KRAs (update from P&OD team)

KRAs should be developed with the team but prepared for individuals. Unclear when exactly this will start but likely in the next few weeks. Even if they end up being for individuals there still should be some similarities across the CKM team to avoid that one piece of work relies on only one person (sharing the load is one of our principles of action). With regards to job reclassification, there are some good chances to start this year but due to the current budget situation it might not be a good time to start the process right now. If things settled in early July we might start the process anyhow as it will likely take a bit of time anyhow. Ewen will email the details to Muthoni and Tsehay and will have face-to-face discussions with them on this issue as and when required.

  • AOB

Blogging… please blog as much as possible. ACTION: BH to finalize Asana post, TG to finalize Africa RISING post. There are many more posts that could be drafted to document our work and the value we bring to others. Social media engagement and some tools support will (hopefully) be discussed with CKM management team soon enough. Ben will facilitate the next regular team meeting (6 May).

01 April 2015

  • Redundancies
  • KRAs

Short deadlines. Major deliverables are in. Job description/complexity and evaluation for the grading: will wait until redundancies are dealt with. Re-evaluation will be done later with P&OD later this year. This issue is pending... This is on the priority list of PB. KRAs: they are not factually correct, are inconsistent and seem to be group-related, not individually-related. The matter to clarify is about the KRAs being done for groups (and only slightly tailored) or for individuals i.e. blanket KRAs or not? * ACTION: ELB to contact P&OD on the formal side of KRA development + reclassification period/procedures?

  • Setting up and E&C (/ CKM) comms campaign. Some ideas: ACTION: ELB to get and circulate daily rates.

Possible contents to touch upon: * Key questions (what challenges are you facing, what opportunities can you/we grab together)? * What we can do? Service packages... * Our expertise (examples / cases of stuff we've done) including testimonies and feedback. * What we stand for (principles and results we expect from our work) * How can we show/demonstrate results * How we can proceed concretely from there on * + make sure we connect with other CKM products/services (CG space / publications / curation / awareness and advoc etc.) * Testimonies + feedback Possible products: * Flyer about what we do? * PPT / prezi? * Video (on an 'off' tone but serious at the same time) * Series of blog posts about cases and generic services that we can use * Visual identifying us (not to develop / just to pick)? * Team site? Use Maarifa page. ACTION: ELB to discuss this with PB. * ACTION: All of us to review Maarifa to see how to we can jazz it up? Possible approaches: * Go around and see if anyone needs help * List projects that do have funding * Coffee talk around FMC/coffee morning to present our work - later? * Check with external clients and partners, friends etc. about opportunities

  • OCS comms starting up:

Poster / flyer... ACTION: ELB send the link to the OCS comms presentation.

  • L&F virtual workshop - good experience. Possibly even better content than if had happened face-to-face. Isabelle and Polly joined this. BH doing an evaluation including a voting exercise etc. ACTION: BH to write a Maarifa post.
  • IPM virtual? Using Adobe Connect. Group session planned to decide how to move forward with this. Polly and others have not opened up the case of designing the workshop. Good lesson is that a f2f design doesn't work for virtual interactions and things are much slower.
  • Program Management Framework: P&OD message and wondering about integrating with Salesforce + OCS? But in 6 months' time we may have to implement some work on this...
  • AOB

Blogging!!! Don't forget to submit your timesheets. Check out Harvest / Asana integration. Next team chat: 22 April 2015 - 2pm. TG to chair, MN to minute.

18 February 2015


  • ResUp MeetUp: DfID hosting/facilitating. Symposium and training. MN worked with Daisy and Juliet. Asked to have more of the agenda and helped them move from type 1 to type 3 meeting (participatory etc.). Dragon's den moved to 3 groups of 10. Creative ideas about how to pitch and then dragons' den and with volunteers from other groups. Good keynote from ICRAF (key!)... good opportunity for facilitation and agenda planning. Did a survey also. How to encourage other CG comms folks to have comms gatherings - perhaps open it up one day and they could adopt it in e.g. ICRAF campus. Venue for Comms CoP on ag?
  • Seminar series: we need to touch base on this (Ewen / Angela).
  • Facilitation training: Good mission (AN) and the trip was worth it. Learned a lot. Picked up that as facilitator you plan and guide a meeting with clear thinking, great participation of everyone and to ensure that everything is captured through a good chart writer. Been working on a blog post with Ruth Nyaga. It was fun!
  • ILVAC momentum building up again: ILVAC had a meeting in AA last week and they want to do more and better comms. BH wants to do an evaluation of Yammer, a bit of help with community management (content calendar, posting regularly etc.). Peter should come up with some more work on this. Vish wants more about how they contribute to L&F with open products. Interested in having open communication + wanted to indicate names on a group picture. Perhaps Facebook?
  • Internal comms front: new people in the house, any agenda... MN met up with Ann (Directorate) and a committee will be set up to assess and strategize internal comms...
  • OCS updates - it's happening and likely ELB, AN, TG will be involved, possibly with some design (and engagement?) inputs from MN about this
  • ACGG on the horizon - New project in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania. Will definitely involve ELB & TG (in ET) but since a global program there might be more chances to be involved, the program management team is very keen on it.
  • Blogging: post about the types of meetings we want to end up with or not + one about the types of platforms etc. + BH to add on ILVAC work... Documentation on the blog! How can we have different conversations about.
  • KMC4CRP+ meeting - Late May we have the eLearningAfrica conference in Addis (possibly involving ELB for facilitation and Iddo as participant/session convener but that's it). On the back of that, 2 events came up: KMC4CRP3 which will take stock of the good KMC work of CRPs in phase 1 to bring over to phase 2 + develop a road map to influence CRP phase 2. In addition there's an idea (between the 2 aforementioned events) to have a 'process arts share fair' around facilitation, graphic facilitation, learning and documentation, social learning and innovation systems etc.
  • KRAs and planning: next week next stab – but any update so far?
  • Board dashboard - ST asking BH to help setting it up for the board. Peter volunteered BH for the task force. Is it to draw up indicators or sthg else? Virtual meetings every other week as of next Friday. Please, anyone, share any idea for indicators about these CSFs.
  • Update Asana (thank you :)

29 January 2015


  • What's up in 2015
  • Planning priorities for 2015: our ideas (yours and mine)
  • Preparing for CKM meeting / Next steps and preparations for the CKM meeting?
  • AOB?

19 November 2014

  • Welcome back Ben!
  • Looking back at ILRI@40?
  • Quick check upon the list of actions (only urgent / upcoming)
  • One special case: how to contribute to FARA@15 best (materials, engagement etc.)?
  • Ideas about what to cover in a blog post about E&C team/work? (pending post for Maarifa)
  • Next team meeting (routine and then next f2f?)

20 August 2014

Cancelled because only Muthoni and Ben were present. So we had a chat over coffee instead.

6 August 2014

Present: Angela, Ben, Muthoni

  • No notes taken, all commitments directly entered into Asana

23 July 2014

Present: Angela, Ben, Ewen, Muthoni, Tsehay.

Action points:

  • ELB to share OCS comms plan [done: see link below]
  • MN to collect ICRAF materials about OCS
  • MN to share pictures from info centre revamp.

Round of updates

  • Muthoni: ILRI @ 40. Meeting with Ed Rege. New ideas to bring together more regional participants (including ministers from UG, TZ). Ed doesn't want to be MC but just help structure... MN working on printing, brochures, banners etc. Peter B talked about a process guide. Other matters: MN working with procurement.
  • Tsehay: Not so much E&C work but working on the platforms etc. TG is part of the youth committee for ILRI @ 40, helping a lot with Eventbrite, SurveyMonkey etc. and helping Nadine etc.
  • Ben: Roped into ILRI40 + contact management. Working on a campaign to harvest contacts. Many contacts but little quality (1/3 of contacts have emails) - developing an outreach strategy. Shirley likely wants email invites... Using Mailchimp (TG working on this but a security issue is blocking progress)...
  • Angela: Working on the FMC concept note - shared it with MN and soon with us for inputs. Also working on POD microsite, CN prepared and shared w/ POD members. Now collecting content for the site (tomorrow morning 9-12). Today kick-off meeting and they're really exciting. Attended OCS steering committee meeting. Supposed to share that w/ Isaac for clarifications.
  • Ewen: § OCS work (see OCS comms plan) § ILRI @ 40 event planned by Shirley, § Gave feedback on some docs by Ben, § Did plan quite some workshops (Africa RISING ESA Review & Planning, M&E meeting, Learning event; CARE community-based adaptation event, dairy seminar) and delivered one workshop for Livestock & Fish in BF.
  • ILRI Info centre - small revamp to happen (MN) before major revamp.
  • TG happy to work on the E2.0 strategy.

Reviewing our use of Asana

  • We LIKE: everything at a glimpse - who's given feedback, attaching docs etc.
  • We DON'T LIKE: Some performance issues - Screen freezing for Susan, Muthoni, Ewen...We'll need to keep checking the situation about bandwidth. Getting lost (teething problems?)

Associating documents to projects is not possible - so we still need a DMS (document management system) for that. Guerrilla teams from gender and other Mara house teams... Some consideration to put P&OD site on Asana but eventually not done. Perhaps worth moving all to-do's onto Asana to go back to Asana on a regular basis

Next meeting 6 August, run by Ben Hack. Ewen absent. Possibly using Google Hangouts.

Meeting after that on 20 August, also in Ewen's absence, so a volunteer has to be picked to organise it.