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CGSpace partners meeting Wageningen 20 and 21 November 2014


Annual meeting of CGspace partners, administrators, technical supporters, champions. Meeting to review progress and pitfalls, set directions, do some peer to peer training and learning, get perhaps some advanced atmire inputs. Covering everything from governance and finance, content management, standards and quality control to github and rest API (at least) ..

blogpost from Bram


1. review progress (partnership, content, technical) 2. set priorities and directions for 2015 and beyond 3. update technical skills 4. update content management skills

Technical Issues and Actions

Item Understanding of Issue Effort/Solution Timing Critical Aspects Related to Dspace Version Responsible
Languages Having a multilingual interfaces, limited to Spanish, French, English, German. Submission of Bilingual content (select multiple languages) Translate component strings (menu items, main functional submission items) in the messages files. Configure XMLUI to turn on multi-lingual. Community collaboration on validate and translate. June, 2015 Requires coordination of native speaker translators. Review translations. Enabling multiselect for item submission. Dspace 4 Peter B.
Alerts Users want alerts when items are published regarding a CRP. Use Open Search to create a criteria-based feed. Dec, 2014 Central techies must create the feed urls and give to feedburner. Must be turned on in CGSpace Alan
Dspace 4 Upgrade to Dspace 4 Upgrade process Dec, 2014 QA/Testing required, downtime required (evening of a weekend). Need inputs and testing in CGSpaceTest. Dspace 4 Alan and Bram
Dspace 5 Upgrade to Dspace 5 Upgrade process June, 2015 Have 3 environments; PROD, TEST, DEV Dspace 5 Alan and Bram
CMS Modules (WP) Need to represent Dspace content in CMS Finding functionalities and APIs to consume from Dspace content Now and to one year CMS developers know the interfaces to the data and how to extract, and best consume/store. Needs developer communities based on platform to build the modules. Requires collaboration with central techie team. Needs Yammer groups. Will benefit from new rest APIs in dspace 4. Hackathon with CTA on DSpace modules and integrations. Dspace 4
Build strong links with developers?

ORCID Understand how using an ORCID ID for all CGIAR Research Staff, to connect researchers to research. Also, internal benefit is more consistent and quality metadata for contributors This is a much larger issue, beyond CGSpace. We cannot provide a formal implementation plan until further study and scope have been defined. Can be June, 2015 What is the ORCID ID strategy, eg. Can we understand from IFPRI the cost/benefit of uptake/investment. Assumptions … adoption … researcher reactions … utility in the broader aspects beyond dspace Dspace 5 Michael and Ryan, Megan
LOD Support of LOD. So Dspace Content can be exposed as RDF. Eventually use Dspace as a full Semantic Web Applications. Leading to automatic classification of items. Identify all use cases and prioritizing, submission process, authority control, displaying content related/connected to items. For exposing, June, 2015. For other efforts, Analysis 2015, implementation 2016 Validation of proper exposure in RDF, using SPARKL endpoints. Dspace 5 Peter B., Imma, Medha, Michael
Sherpa/Romeo Used to allow submitters to see the policies of the publishers. None June, 2015 Switch it on (configured); items require ISSN. Dspace 5 Maria, Alan, Bram
CGIAR Library Reviewing the benefits of moving the CGIAR Library to CGSpace. Benefit from support, infrastructure, and community. Consultation with the Fund and CO. Once a decision is made Political aspects, budgets other non-public info. Regardless of full integration in CGSpace, the Library should "join" CGSpace as a community member. Light (not tight) integration, which requires Metadata alignment. None Michael, Medha
Harvesting/Linking/Aggregating OAI-PMH is very dependent on exact mappings of vocabularies, complications exist due to contents. It is constrained at the collection level. No OA TaskForce?
Training/CapDev Extending administration of CGSpace to partner insitution techies/IT for support and community participation. IT groups are overstretched, and don't see this as their responsibilty. Regional Dspace support Requires further analysis of scenarios, and current commitment jof the institutions to CGSpace/Dspace. Management governance must drive or provide for for regional support. This requires time/cost analysis/budget/commitment. No
CGSpace Tech COP Extend the tech support 'team' Mobilize other people – eg Carlos Saa (CIAT), CIFOR, IWMI, CIMMYT Peter, partners
relations @tmire collaborations How to coordinate services, support, training, Peter, Alan, @mire

Content Issues and Actions

The conversation generated a mix of actions and principles/guidelines

Principles 1: Each community to achieve internal consistency in style - author names, citations etc 2: Always enter ISBN and ISSN where they exist 3: When uploading an author version article, include a note and some text in the actual manuscript 4. Recommend to have naming conventions for bitstream files. Keep them short, 5: Collection and community names must have ‘centre’ or ‘crp’ at the beginning 6. Centres/Producers deposit new content and these are mapped to CRPs

Actions 1. Author names and citation styles: challenges mainly from legacy data and different usage across centres/CRPs. Action 1: Adopt ORCID as a long term strategy across CGIAR. This is bigger than CGSpace. Make sure to have ORCID functionality in CGSpace. Shuld be part of DSpace version 5.

2. Issues with Accents - for searching? Action 2: Technical team to test and configure. FINAL QUARTER 2014

3. AGROVOC descriptors. Action 3: Follow up with FAO to implement as authority files/web services. This would also provide for multi-lingual indexing. For now, we continue manual entries in multiple languages. FIRST QUARTER 2015

4. Editing existing items: Can we reduce human errors? Action 4: Investigate Atmire module (EUR 9000). FIRST QUARTER 2015.

5. Submission templates Action 5: Tech team to implement HTML in text fields. FIRST QUARTER 2015 Action 6: add a new dropdown field to characterize item authorship to allow reporting, eg: by ‘CG Center only’, ‘with NARS’; ‘Developing country’, ‘advanced research institute’. FINAL QUARTER 2014 Action 7: Standardize existing templates. FINAL QUARTER 2014 Action 8: Each community admin to review and specific which field they do not want. FIRST QUARTER 2015

6. CGSpace manual Action 9: ILRI to compile based on existing CCAFS and CIAT versions. FIRST QUARTER 2015

7. Look and feel/interface. Action 10: For a small group to Review and update Item level presentations, landing pages, search results. FIRST QUARTER 2015.

8. CG-core metadata Action 11: Adopt as soon as this is final

9. Collection policy Action 12: Each community to set out what its scope/coverage is. FIRST QUARTER 2015.

Management Issues and Actions

CTA suggested to develop an advocacy brief that can be used to document and draw lessons from the CGSpace project (2015)

CTA is keen to explore how this approach could be built upon/adapted/expanded at Natonal/regional level

Conclusion: Continue managing CGSpace as a collaborative 'coalition of the willing'. Adopt a more 'project-management' focus with regular updates.

Conclusion: Continue managing CSpace as a cost- and expertise-sharing project

Suggestion: include a budget for 'promotion' within the global project

'Our CGSpace dreams'

As part of the introductions we asked participants to write down a CGSpace dream...

Interface in 100 languages Use CGspace as my OAI – PMH base URL provider + liked open data CRP alert function, Wordpress module functioning, process to regularly collect from partner centers CGIAR research outputs fully inter-operable User interfaces are simple and facilitate contribution A cloud-based , managed, hosted solution Making CGSpace top on the planet in terms of usability Hash tag taxonomies (social tagging on CGSpace) Join CGSpace Offline version Open Access publishing compliance – linkage to SHERPA/ROMEO, self-archiving, embargo functionality Publishing tools – customizable forms, integrated peer-review tools, Wordpress interface, decentralized workflows, high stats and detailed analytics, linking with OCLC National Library of Agriculture Full and seamless integration with Google analytics, click through from website, detailed user analytics Refine search results (eg. by country, center, CRP ++) Expose content as LOD (evaluate linkages of data, other types of outputs) Linking with DOI? Increase the use ... more/right eyeballs

End of day 1 - Insights

what excites people; what's coming up?

ORCID - people and authors authority file Getting cool; needs to be cooler (UI) Metrics- looking exciting and we can do more Linked open data User profiles (?) backend stats and reporting getting easier to embed content out customized submission templates Sherpa/Romeo integration Version 5 Potential for collaboration and reach beyond the cgiar the scale of the content is offering much scope to build apps etc around


Thursday 0830 Welcomes and Introductions

0900 CGSpace 101 - update and introduction to the platform for beginners/newcomers

Abenet - presentation File:cgspace_abenet_nov2014.pdf

0900 Platform 101 - update on technical changes and updates for (very) technical people

1030 Coffee break

1100 CGSpace report on progress

Peter - presentation File:cgspace_peter_nov2014.pptx

Alan - presentation File:cgspace_alan_nov2014.pdf

1230 Lunch

1400 DSpace - state of the art, upcoming developments .... Bram - presentation

1530 Break

1600 CGIAR open access / repository update; where are we now, where going ... (Devha and Michael M)

1730 End 1900 Dinner together in the hotel

Friday 0830 Recap day 1 / plans day 2 0900 Managing content - workflows, quality control, standards, ... priorities 0900 Managing the platform - workflows, quality control, standards, ... priorities 1030 Coffee break 1100 Priority actions for 2015 - content/technology/cg-wide efforts 1230 Lunch 1400 Managing and governing CGSpace 1530 Break 1600 Synthesis, summary, actions 1730 End


Venue: Hof van Wageningen ([[1]])


No Name Arrival date Departure date e-mail Center
1 Peter Ballantyne 19 21 [p.ballantyne@cgiar.org] ILRI
2 Ryan Miller 19 22 R.Miller@cgiar.org IFPRI
3 Maria Garruccio 19 22 [m.garruccio@cgiar.org] Bioversity
4 Bram Luyten 19 22 [bluyten@gmail.com] Atmire
5 Megan Zandstra 20 22 [meganzandstra@me.com] CIAT
6 Sufiet Erlita 19 22 S.Erlita@cgiar.org CIFOR
7 Vanessa Meadu 19 21 [V.MEADU@CGIAR.ORG] CCAFS
8 Chandima Gunadasa 19 21 [C.GUNADASA@CGIAR.ORG] IWMI
9 Sisay Webshet 19 22 [S.WEBSHET@CGIAR.ORG] ILRI
10 Abenet Yabowork 19 22 [a.yabowork@cgiar.org] ILRI
11 Chris Addison 20 21 addison@cta.int CTA
12 Krishan Bheenick 20 21 bheenick@cta.int CTA
13 Cecilia Ferreyra 19 22 C.FERREYRA@CGIAR.ORG CIP
14 Alan Orth 19 22 [a.orth@cgiar.org] ILRI
15 Michael Marus 19 22 [m.marus@cgiar.org] Consortium
16 Michael Victor 19 21 [m.victor@cgiar.org] WLE
17 Medha Devare 19 21 m.devare@cgiar.org Consortium
18 Peter Walton 19 21 peter.walton@stackyard.net
19 Imma Subirats 20 20 Imma.Subirats@fao.org FAO

CGSpace output types word file CGSpace countries word file CGSpace CRP names word file CGSpace regions word file CGSpace metadata (excel file) CGSpace river basins (word file)