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CGSpace ACTION list

Updated on 16 Jan 2018 Original actions list defined in June 2016; major review and upodate in May 2017

1. REST API - TO ALLOW CGSPACE TO BE HARVESTED ACTION: TSEGA TO COMPLETE AND DOCUMENT - Default to fuzzy search with the option to do specific (exact match) search - Use dc.identifier.uri (handles )for link targets - RSS/Atom feed generation - Performance (Caching) - Get feedback from partners / send message to partners to test API - Find a name for the App - CREST - Remove deleted records - Replace internal ID with handles (or add handle searching)

2. OAI HARVESTING into CGSpace 2.1 CIFOR – OAI (further discussion with Usman). NEED TO FOLLOW UP. PETER/ALAN. 2.2 IFPRI - OAI harvesting via a 'middleware' to translate their fields to our fields. 2.3 CIMMYT - OAI harvesting decision: don't worry about importing ORCIDs for now

3. ICARDA and DRYLANDS CRP migration/harvesting into CGSpace. Test the MEL 'deposit' interface into CGSPACE. Concentrate on 1) ICARDA and 2) DRYLANDS legacy. ALAN/PETER TO FOLLOW UP.

4. UPPER/lower case standards for: CRP names, countries, regions (discrepancy during harvesting, case and style need standard) - ACTION: WAIT FOR CGCORE

5. Include dc.right metadata as a required field and globally include license to ILRI, Livestock and Fish and Africa Rising outputs - ACTION: ALAN TO FIND THE OLD EMAIL AND ACT

6. AGROVOC integration/lookup into CGSpace. Is it possible to query AGROVOC API during item submission? include this thru MEL interface? ACTION: ALAN TO CHECK NEW API AND TEST.

7. ORCID and author authority files. How do 'we' store orcid in the metadata? URGENT ACTION: SET UP ORCID FIELD IN THE SUBMIT AND EDIT TEMPLATE. WITH CONTROLLED VOCAB. CHECK MELSPACE.

8. Including ‘select and save’ search results. Coming in DSpace 6.x.

9. Include ILRI blog posts in CGSpace - generate via the web site (but need to add author info). ACTION DANIEL/ABENET

10. Including output type ‘blog post' DONE. CHECK HOW THIS IS BEING USED

11. CGcore implementation of any changes/updates - WAITING FOR FINAL VERSION/GIVING INPUTS

12. CGSpace servers - extend the storage; upgrades etc? need a plan. 2018 likely to upgrade. ACTION ALAN ET AL.

13. DSpace version upgrades - probably later to latest 5.x release in 2017. Version 6.x in mid 2018. DSpace 7 will be a major update which breaks many things, to be released in late 2018.

14. Visualizations on CGSpace. Work with ICARDA's MEL on this. ACTION: ALAN TO FOLLOW UP. TESTING.

15. Seed a simple service level agreement with the partners. PETER AND TEAM.


17. cgspace editors manual. PETER. PUT IT ON A WIKI PAGE.

18. cta use of cgspace.

19. Technical Support. ALAN SET UP A SYSTEM/WORKFLOW.

PREVIOUS ACTIONS - generated mid 2016 and updated thereafter Move completed actions from above to here

Organize a transfer application between IFPRI and CGSpace to allow metadata import. Testing in July, work in progress, first demo will be available on October 18, 2016. Tsega August 2016

ORCID fields need to be determined to meet cgcore requirements ORCID is stored in a virtual field called "" that is not accessible to REST/OAI, bug/feature request logged with DSpace needs a new field check the IFPRI ORCID usage during import August ?

Explore and test harvesting to AGRIS Peter then Abenet July 2016

Results of the tests: - we submitted ILRI publications collection as a test - they made enrichment/additions to the metadata based on the title and abstract provided (fields affected are AGROVOC, geographical information and language); this will be published if we agree - there isn’t any checking platform after enrichment is done (although XML file is available) - they are waiting on an FAO side update to correct source of ILRI contents added as CIAT, I was unable to identify who provided those items for submission.

Tsega and Sisay to find a way by which the XML can be readable for checking

Set up CGSpace REST API application to generate metadata for other ILRI projects Tsega August 2016,work will continue on this after finishing up the IFPRI importer the October 16-21 week. Demo will be made available on October 25, 2016. A working version the "CREST" was made available in April 2017, after gathering comments on how to improve the application, a new version will be set up for production by September 1, 2017.

Complete CGSpace field cleanup and migration to dc and cg core fields ✓ Three phases of metadata cleanup, 20 migrated fields, 10 deleted fields Alan July 2016

Explore and implement more effective author authority files, including ORCID usage We are able to batch assign ORCIDs now, albeit crudely Alan and Abenet August 2016

Implement multi-select controlled vocabulary for selected fields (test; clean lookup lists, update the submission template): DONE

Add DC 'rights' fields to CGSpace and submission templates Peter then Alan July 2016

Acquire AGROVOC controlled vocabulary Skype call with AgroKnow in August, but zero progress on a technical solution Peter then Alan December 2016

Complete updated item displays ✓ DONE

Set up new CGSpace server DSpace Test deployed on a new server with new Linux, Java, PostgreSQL, etc, sets the stage for new CGSpace server when we are ready Alan December 2016

Upgrade to DSpace version 5.5 Initial port of CGSpace code from 5.1 to 5.5 complete, need to freeze work on 5.1 and deploy 5.5 for serious testing on DSpace Test Alan August/September

Upgrade to DSpace 6 Alan 2018

Complete the 'about' pages ✓ Sisay July 2016

Update the 'license' field text when submitting ✓ Peter July 2016

Update the disclaimer footer text ✓ Sisay July 2016

Complete CGSpace manual for editors - sent for review Abenet July 2016

Post regular CGSpace tips for editors - done/being done Abenet July 2016

Generate editors' intro to Atmire modules - is done as part of the editors manual; can be compiled as a separate file Abenet July 2016

Test and proof of concept visual navigation/discovery - geo-mapper and concept-mapper Tsega/Ben July 2016, designing visualisations will start after the first demo CGSpace REST API app (October 25, 2016). A demo visualisation will be made available November 1, 2016

Generate CGSpace search/navigation PPT for ILRI staff Peter/Abenet August 2016