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This page contains a list of over 800 acronyms frequently in use across ILRI and CGIAR. This list was originally based on a collaborative list of acronyms is dynamically developed on Yammer on [| this page] . Please add new acronyms on this page, not on Yammer.//

A-AARNET ASARECA Animal Agricultural Research Network [[1]]
AAC Advance-Africa dot Com]
AACAA All Africa Conference on Animal Agriculture - meets every 4 years
AAD Agriculture Associated Didease
AAME African Adult Male Equivalent
AARINENA Association of Agricultural Research Institutions in the Near East and North Africa
AAS African Academy of Sciences
AASAP All Africa Society for Animal Production
AATF African Agricultural Technology Foundation [[2]]
ABBPP African Biotechnology Biosafety Policy Platform
ABCF African Biosciences Challenge Fund [[3]]
ABI African Biosciences Initiative [[4]]
ABI Agribusiness Incubator [[5]]
ABI-ICRISAT Agribusiness Incubator - International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics
ABNE Africa Biosciences Initiatives and African Biosafety Network of Expertise
ABP ltd Africa Banana Products Ltd
ABS African Bio-Fortified Sorghum [[6]]
ABSF African Biotechnology Stakeholders Forum [[7]]
ABSPII Agricultural Biotechnology Support Project II [[8]]
AC Audit Committee
ACCI African Centre for Crop Improvement [[9]]
ACDI/VOCA An economic development organization based in Washington, D.C.
ACIAR Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research [[10]]
ACP African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States [[11]]
ACPC African Climate Policy Centre
ACP3 Academic-Community-Public-Private Partnerships
ACT African Conservation Tillage Network
ADA Austrian Development Agency
ADAPPT African Dryland Alliance for Pesticidal-Plant Technologies
ADB Asian Development Bank [[12]]
ADC Area Development Committee
ADMARC Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Malawi) [[13]]
AEAS Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services
AECF Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund
AEZ Agro-Ecological Zone
AFAAS Africa Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services
AFAP African Fertilizer Agribusiness Partnership [[14]]
AFARD Agency for Accelerated Rural Development (Uganda)
AFD Agence Francaise de Developpement
AfDB African Development Bank [[15]]
AfSIS Africa Soil Information Service
AFTFN Agriculture Fast Track Fund Now (Managed by the African Development Bank - AfDB and funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the Swedish Development Agency (SIDA) and the Danish International Development Agency (Danida)
AGRINATURA The European Alliance on agricultural knowledge for development
ASTA African Seed Trade Association
AFTFP Africa Finance & Private Sector Development Department (World Bank),,menuPK:2050038~pagePK:51246558~piPK:51247553~theSitePK:2049987,00.html
A4NH Agriculture for Nutrition and Health [[16]]
AFRACA African Rural and Agricultural Credit Association [[17]]
Africa-RISING Africa Research in Sustainable Intensification for the Next Generation (CGIAR project)
AfrII African Innovations Institute]
AFRISA Africa Institute for Strategic Services and Development
AFS African Swine Fever
AgBIT Agribusiness Incubation Trust (Zambia)
AGMARK Agricultural Market Development Trust – Africa [[18]]
AGORA Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture [[19]]
AGP Agricultural Growth Program (external - Ethiopian government program)
AGRA Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa [[20]]
AgriFin Agriculture Finance Support Facility
Agri 4 Africa A commercial agribusiness on-line information portal
AGRODEP Africa Growth & Development Policy modelling consortium
AgriCord The Alliance of Agri-Agencies
AGRINATURA The European Alliance on Agricultural Knowledge for Development
AHBFI Africa Harvest Biotechnology Foundation International [[21]]
AHI African Highlands Initiative
AI Depending on context (or background of the scientist citing it!) - avian influenza (animal disease) OR artificial insemination (animal breeding) or artificial intelligence (bioinformatics)
AID –SA Agro Industry Development Society Ltd (Mali) [[22]]
AII Agribusiness Innovation Initiative
AIIC Agribusiness Innovation Incubation Consortia
AIN Africa Incubator Network [[23]]
AIP Agribusiness Innovation Program
AIRCA Association of International Research and Development Centers for Agriculture, consiisting of AVRDC, CABI, CATIE, CFF, ICBA, ICIPE, ICIMOD, IFDC and INBAR. Not the All Indian Rodeo Cowboys Association]
AKST Agricultural Knowledge Science and Technology
ALiCE African Livestock Conference and Exhibition]
ALIVE Partnership for Livestock Development, Poverty Alleviation & Sustainable Growth [[24]]
ALRMP Arid Land Resource Management Programme [[25]]
AMREF African Medical and Research Foundation
ANAFE African Network for Agriculture, Agroforestry and Natural Resources Education [[26]]
AnGR Indigenous farm animal Genetic Resources
AOCC African Orphan Crops Consortium
AOR Assistance Officer’s Representative, Agreement Officer Representative
APAARI Asian Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions [[27]]
APC Agribusiness Partnership Contract
APHCA Animal Production and Health Commission for Asia and the Pacific]
APM Annual Program Meeting
APO Associate Professional Officer
APSK Animal Production Society of Kenya
APSO Area Programme Support Office
AR Assessment Report
ARC Africa Rice Congress [[28]]
A+RC Audit and Risk Committee
ARD Agricultural Research for Development
AR4D Agricultural Research for Development
ARI Advanced Research Institute
ASAL Arid and Semi-Arid Lands [[29]]
ASARECA Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in East and Central Africa]
ASCU Agricultural Sector Coordination Unit (Kenya)
ASDSP Agriculture Sector Development Support Program (Kenya)
ASF Animal Sourced Food
ASHC Africa Soil Health Consortium
ASIP Agricultural Input Subsidy Programme
ASSP Animal Sciences for Sustainable Productivity (An ILRI research program)
ATF Animal Task Force
ATPS The African Technology Policy Studies Network [[30]]
ATVET Agriculture Technical and Vocational Education and Training
AU African Union [[31]]
AU-IBAR African Union - Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources]
AU-PANVAC Pan African Veterinary Vaccine Centre of the African Union
AusAID Australian Agency for International Development [[32]]
AVRDC The World Vegetable Centre (Originally the Asian Vegetable Research & Development Centre)
AWARD African Women in Agricultural Research and Development
AYAD Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development
A&RC Audit and risk committee (ILRI internal body)
BAIF BAIF Development Research Foundation (formerly the Bharatiya Agro Industries Foundation) India
BEAF Beratungsgruppe Entwicklungsorientierte Agrarforschung (Advisory Service on Agricultural Research for Development, a GIZ service unit). See GIZ for more info = German Society for International Cooperation
BCA Benefit Cost Analysis
BecA Biosciences eastern and central Africa [[33]]
BecANet Biosciences eastern and central Africa Network
BHN Basic Human Needs
BIO-EARN East African Regional Program and Research Network for Bio Technology, Biosafety and Policy Development [com_content&viewarticle&id94&Itemid111]
BIPCEA Biosciences Innovation Policy Consortium for Eastern Africa [[34]]
BMEL Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture (Germany) Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft. Also known as the BMELV Federal Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection.
BMGF Bill & Melinda Gates foundation]
BMZ German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation & Development - See also GIZ [[35]]
BoA Bureau of Agriculture
BOG Basic Operating Guidelines
BoP Base of the Pyramid (markets) = the largest segment of consumers in Africa
BoT board of trustees (ILRI - The BoT meets twice a year: April and November)
BREAD Basic Research to Enable Agricultural Development program: co-funded by the National Science Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
BRI Biosecurity Research Institute
BRN Biosafety Resource Network [[36]]
BSM Benefit Sharing Mechanism
CAADP Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program]
CAAS Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science [[37]]
CAC Central Asia and Caucasus / CGIAR Consortium for Central Asia and the Caucasus
CAFOD Catholic Agency For Overseas Development, previously the Catholic Fund for Overseas Development]
CAHC Community-based Animal Health Care
CAPS Conservation Agriculture and Production Systems
CAS Chinese Academy of Sciences]
CASIA Central Asia Student International Academic exchange with the European Union [[38]]
CASL Community Adaptation and Sustainable Livelihoods
CASRAD Centre for Agrarian Systems Research and Development (Vietnam)
CASREN Crop-Animal Systems Research Network
CaSt Capacity Strengthening program
CATAS Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences [[39]]
CATIE Centre for Agricultural Research and Higher Education for Central America [[40]]
CAVA Cassava Value Addition
CB Consortium Board (of the CGIAR) [[41]]
CBAHCP Community-Based Animal Health Care Programme
CBPP Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia
CBO Community Based Organization
CCAC Climate and Clean Air Coalition [[42]]
CCAFS Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security (a CGIAR reseach program)]
CCARDESA Centre for Coordination of Agricultural Research and Development for Southern Africa [[43]]
CCAP Climate Change Action Plan - see also NCCAP (Kenya)
CCEE CRP Commissioned External Evaluation (see CRP)
CCER Center Commissioned External Review
CCLEAr Creating Competitive Livestock Entrepreneurs in Agribusiness]
CDC Commonwealth Development Corporation]
CDF Community Development Fund
CDM Clean Development Mechanism]
CELEP Coalition of European Lobbies for Eastern African Pastoralism [[44]]
CFC Common Fund for Commodities
CGIAR Consultative Group on International Agriculture Research]
CHW Community Health Worker
CIARD Coherence in Information for Agricultural Research for Development]
CIAT International Centre for Tropical Agriculture [[45]]
CIDA Canadian International Development Agency [[46]]
CIFOR Centre for International Forestry Research
CIFORD Community Initiatives for Rural Development
CIFSRF Canadian International Food Security Research Fund
CIG Common Interest Group
CILSS Permanent Interstate Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel [[47]]
Comité permanent inter-État de lutte contre la sécheresse au Sahel [[48]]
CIM Centre for International Migration and Development (Germany) = Centrum für internationale Migration und Entwicklung]
CIMMYT International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre]
CIP International Potato Centre [[49]]
CIRAD Centre for Agricultural Research for Development (France_ [[50]]
La recherche Agronomique pour Le Developpement
CIRDES International Center for Research and Development on Livestock in the Subhumid Zone [[51]]
Centre International de Recherche - Développement sur l’Elevage en zone Subhumide
CLA Collaborative Learning and Adaptive / Adaptation
CLE Corporate Level Evaluation
CLP Core Learning Partnership
C-MAD Community Mobilization Against Desertification
CMF Comart Foundation [[52]]
CN Concept Note
CNFA Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs
CO Consortium Office (of the CGIAR) [[53]]
COMART Comart Foundation [[54]]
COMESA Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa]
COP Conference of the Parties, Chief of Party, Community of Practice
CORAF West and Central African Council for Agriculture Research and Development [[55]]
CORDAID A large development organisation in the Netherlands
COSDEP Community Sustainable Development Empowerment Programme
COSOP Country Strategic Opportunities Programme
CoS-SIS Convergence of Sciences - Strengthening agricultural innovation systems in Benin, Ghana and Mali
CP Challenge Program, Consortium Project
CPA Consolidated Plan of Action
CPI Consumer Price Index
CPL Consortium Project Leader
CPWF Challenge Program on Water & Food (a CGIAR research programme)]
CRA Credit Rating Agency, Collaborative Research Agreement
CRISPR Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (a technology for targeted genome editing) [[56]]
See also TALENS
CRP CGIAR Research Program [[57]]
CRSPs Collaborative Research Support Programs [[58]]
CRT Centre for Rural Technology
CSA Climate Smart Agriculture
CSF Classical Swine Fever / Critical Success Factor
CSI Consortium for Spatial Information (of the CGIAR)
CSIR Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (Ghana)]
CSIR-ARI Council for Scientific and Industrial Research – Animal Research Institute (Ghana)]
CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (Australia)]
CSISA Cereal Systems Initative for South Asia [[59]]
CSO Civil Society Organisation, Committee of Senior Officials
CSP Community Support Project
CTA Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation - a joint international institution of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States and the European Union (EU). [[60]]
CTL Cytotoxic T cell
CTP Common Traing Programme
CURAD Consortium for Enhancing University Responsiveness to Agribusiness Development [[61]]
DAD-IS Domestic Animal Diversity Information System
DAGRIS Domestic Animal Genetic Resources Information System (a CGIAR initiative)]
DAIN Diaspora Angel Investor Network [[62]]
DANIDA Danish International Development Agency [[63]]
DARD Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (Vietnam). See also MARD.
DDC District Development Committee
Drylands Development Centre (a thematic centre of the United Nations Development Program)
DDF Dairy Development Forum
DDG Deputy Director General
DDP Dryland Development Paradigm
DEDC District Enterprise Development Committee
DFATD Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada [[64]]
DFID Department for International Development (UK) [[65]]
DG Director General
DGEA Dairy Genetics East Africa [[66]]
DMH Dairy Market Hub
DMI Drought Management Initiative
DMP Desert Margins Program
DONATA Dissemination of New Agricultural Technologies in Africa [[67]]
DPIO District Programme Implementation Office
DQA Data Quality Audit
DRC Democratic Republic of Congo
D2F Direct to Farm
EA East Africa, East Asia, Environmental Assessment
EAAPP Eastern Africa Agricultural Productivity Program]
EADD East Africa Dairy Development [[68]]
EAFF East African Farmer’s Federation [[69]]
EAGODEN East African Goat Development Network
EAP Ethiopian Agricultural Portal]
ECAPAPA Eastern and Central Africa Programme for Agricultural Policy Analysis [[70]]
ECD Early Childhood Development
ECF East Coast Fever [[71]]
ECF-ITM The East Coast fever Infection and Treatment Method vaccine
ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States]
ECTAD Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseases Operations
EDF Enterprise Development Facilitator
EDO Enterprise Development Officer
EDU Enterprise Development Unit
EFARD European Forum on Agricultural Research for Development
EIAR Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research]
EIARD European Initiative for Agricultural Research for Development
EIWR Ethiopian Institute of Water Resources
ELISA Enzyme-Linked lmmunosorbent Assay
ELKS Enhancing Livelihoods through Livestock Knowledge Systems [[72]]
EMASAR Ecological Management of Arid and Semi-Arid Rangelands (FAO)
EMBRAPA Brazilian Agricultural Research Cooperation [[73]]
EPA Essential Program Activities, Environmental Protection Agency
EPMR External Program and Management Review
ERM Enterprise Risk Management
ESA Eastern South Africa
ESADA Eastern and Southern Africa Dairy Association]
ESAFF Eastern and Southern Africa Small-Scale Farmers’ Association Forum
ESFIM Empowering Smallholder Farmers in Markets [[74]]
ESPA Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation [[75]]
ESRC Natural Environment Research Council (UK)
ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology = Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule [[76]]
EU European Union
EVK Ethno-Veterinary Knowledge (people's beliefs, knowledge and practices pertaining to animal health)
EXTRAPOLATE ex-ante tool for ranking policy alternatives
FAG Focus Area Group
FAnGR Farm Animal Genetic Resources
FANRPAN Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network]
FAO Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations [[77]]
FARA Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa [[78]]
FASI Farming Support International (based in Nairobi) [[79]]
FASID Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development (Japan)
FAVRI Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute (Vietnam)
FC Fund Council [[80]]
FCO Fund Council Office (of the CGIAR)
FCR Field Crops Research, Feed Conversion Ratio, Full Cost Recovery
FDI Foreign Direct Investment
FE Fiscal Efficiency
FEAST Feed Assessment Tool [[81]]
FERA The Food and Environment Research Agency
FEWS NET Famine Early Warning System Network
FFA Future Farmers of Africa [[82]]
FFF Future Farmers Foundation [[83]]
FFS Farmer Field School
FGD Focus Group Discussion
FISP Farm Input Subsidy Program
FMC Friday Morning Coffee (at the ILRI Addis Ababa and Nairobi campuses)
FMD Foot and Mouth Disease
FOB Free on Board, Freight on Board
FOCAC Forum for China-Africa Cooperation [[84]]
FP Farmer's Practice
FPMU Food Planning and Monitoring Unit
FS Food Safety
FSD Financial Sector Deepening programme (Kenya)
FSZ Food Safety and Zoonoses
FTF Feed the Future - A US Govt Global Hunger and Food Security Initiative
FTF P4I Feed the Future - Partnering for Innovations - as above
FTIBC The Food Technology Business Incubation Centre (Uganda) [[85]]
F2F Farmer to Farmer
GA Gender Analysis, Global Agenda
GAA Global Agenda of Action for Sustainable Livestock]
GAFSP Global Agricultural and Food Security Program (managed by the World Bank)]
GAHP Good Agricultural Husbandry Practices
GAIEC Ghana Agribusiness Incubation and Entreprenureship Centre
GALVmed GALVmed is protecting livestock, improving human lives by making livestock vaccines, medicines and diagnostics accessible and affordable]
GAP Good Agricultural Practice. See also GLOBALGAP.
GARA Global Agricultural Research Archive [[86]]
Global Alliance for ASF Research (ASF = African Swine Fever)
GASL Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock
GCARD Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (Conf 1 2010, Conf 2 2012)
GCCA Global Cold Chain Alliance
GCGH Grand Challenges in Global Health [[87]]
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GE Genetic Engineering. See also GM.
GEF Global Environmental Fund [[88]]
GEI Gender Empowerment Index
GFAR Global Forum on Agricultural Research]
GFIA Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture
GHG Greenhouse Gas
GINA World Health Organization’s Global database on the Implementation of Nutrition Action [[89]]
GIS Geographical Information Systems
GIZ German Society for International Cooperation = Deutschen Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). GIZ combines the German Development Service (DED), the German Organisation for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) and the InWEnt – Capacity Building International; most of it’s activities are commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). [[90]]
GKI Global Knowledge Initiative
GLOBALGAP The worldwide standard that assures Good Agricultural Practice
GO Government Of e.g. GOK (Kenya), GOI (India), GOV (Vietnam)
GPG Global Public Good
GRET Professsionals for Fair Development (a French development NGO) [[91]]
GRF Guarantee Risk Fund (Kenya)
GSI Good Seed Initiative
GTF Global Task Force
GTP Growth and Transformation Plan
GTZ German Society for Technical Cooperation - See GIZ [[92]]
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ)
GM Genetic Modification. See also GE.
GPG Global Public Good
GWG Gender Working Group
HABP Household Asset Building Program
HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
HCD Human Centered Design
H-E Human - Environmental (systems)
HEI Human Empowerment Index
HG Host Government
HGBF Howard G. Buffett Foundation [[93]]
HIFA Health Information For All
HISARD Harambe Incubator for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (Nigeria) [[94]]
HIV Human immunodeficiency virus
HR Human Resource - often used as short-hand for HRD
HRD Human Resource Department
HO Host Organisation
HOA Horn of Africa
IA Internal Audit
Irish Aid [[95]]
IAASTD International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge Science and Technology.
IAAT International African Agricultural Technology
IAC Inter Academy Council, Independent Advisory Committee
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
IAEG Impact Assessment and Evaluation Group (of the CGIAR) [[96]]
IAHBI Integrated Agriculture and Health-Based Intervention
IARC International Agricultural Research Centre
IASVN Institute of Animal Sciences of South Vietnam [[97]]
IBAR Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources [[98]]
IBLI Index-Based Livestock Insurance
ICA International Cooperative Alliance
ICAR Indian Council of Agricultural Research [[99]]
ICARDA International Center for Research on Dry Areas [[100]]
ICIPE International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology
ICIS International Centre for Creativity, Innovation and Sustainabity [[101]]
ICM In Country Management
iCow Agricultural subscription service through cellphones to help farmers enhance productivity
ICPALD The IGAD Centre for Pastoral Areas and Livestock Development. See also IGAD.
ICRAF World Agroforestry Centre [[102]]
ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross
ICRISAT International Crops Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics [[103]]
ICT Information Communications Technology
IDA International Development Association
IDO Intermediate Development Outcome
IDRC International Development Research Centre (Canada) [[104]]
IEE Initial Environmental Examination
IER Institute de Economic Rural
IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development [[105]]
IFC International Finance Corporation]
IFDC International Fertilizer Development Centre]
IFI International Financial Institution
IFPRI International Food Policy Research Institute [[106]]
IFS Improved Food Security
IGAD Inter-Governmental Authority on Development
IIASA International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
IICA Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture [[107]]
IIED International Institute for Environment and Development
IISD International Institute for Sustainable Development
IITA International Institute for Tropical Agriculture [[108]]
ILC International Land Coalition
ILCA International Livestock Center for Africa - was merged with ILRAD to form ILRI
ILO International Labour Organisation [[109]]
ILRAD International Laboratory for Research on Animal Diseases - see ILCA
ILRI International Livestock Research Institute]
ILSP Integrated Livelihood Support Project (India - an IFAD program)
IMC Institute Management Committee
IMF International Monetary Fund
INERA Institute for Environmental and Agricultural Research
INHERE Institute of Himalayan Environmental Research and Education]
INIA Instituto Nacional de Investigacion y Technologia
INREA Institute National du Recherche Agrononilgue
INRM Integrated Natural Resource Management
INSARD Including Smallholders in Agricultural Research for Development [[110]]
IPA Innovations for Poverty Action]
IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change]
IOE Independent Office of Evaluatiion (of IFAD)
IPG International Public Good
IPM Integrated Pest Management
IPMS Improving Productivity and Market Success of Ethiopian Farmers]
IPR Intellectual Property Right
IPR/IFRA Institute Polytechnique Rural [[111]]
IR International Relations, Institutional Research, Intermediate Reach, Invitation Request, Incoherent Recombining
IRD Research Institute for Development = L'Institut de Recherche pour le Développement
Inland Revenue Department
IRMA Insect Resistant Maize for Africa
IRMC Institute Research Management Committee
IRRI International Rice Research Institute]
IRS Inland Revenue Service, Internationally Recruited Staff
ISAAA International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications [[112]]
ISAR Institute des Sciences Agronomique du Rwanda
ISFM Integrated Soil Ferility Management
ISI International Statistical Institute]
ISNAR International Service for National Agricultural Research]
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ISPC Independent Science and Partnership Council of the CGIAR]
ISRA Institut Senégalais de Recherche Agronomigue [[113]]
ISRIC ISRIC - World Soil Information
ISP Innovations Systems Perspective
ISPC Independent Science & Partnership Council (of the CGIAR) [[114]]
IT Information Technology
ITC International Trypanosomiasis Centre
ITPGRFA International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture]
IUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature [[115]]
IUECA Inter-University Council for East Africa [[116]]
ITTA International Tropical Timber Agreement
IWMI International Water Management Institute [[117]]
IYFF International Year of Family Farming, 2014
JCVI J. Craig Venter Institute
JICA Japan International Cooperation Agency [[118]]
JKUAT Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology]
JSC Joint Steering Committtee
KARI Kenya Agricultural Research Institute]
KCA Kenya Camel Association
KDLP Kenya Dry Lands Development Program
KEMRI Kenya Medical Research Institute
KENAS Kenyan Accreditation Service
KEPSA Kenyan Private Sector Alliance
KIST Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (Rwanda) [[119]]
KMIS Knowledge Management and Information Services
KRA Key Result Area
KRRA Key Research and Related Area
KVA Kenya Veterinary Association
KWFT Kenya Women Finance Trust
LAC Latin America and Caribbean
LaF Livestock and Fish (CRP 3.7)]
LDC Lesser Developed Country
LDF Local Development Fund
LEAD Livestock, Environment And Development Initiative (of the FAO) [[120]]
LEAP Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance Partnership (of the FAO) [[121]]
LGI Livelihoods Gender and Impacts [[122]]
LIA Letter of Interim Authority
LIFE Local Livestock for Empowerment
LIFSAP Livestock Competitiveness and Food Safety Project (Vietnam) [[123]]
LITs Livelihood Improvement Targets
LIVES Livestock & Irrrigation Value Chains for Ethiopian Smallholders project]
LMP Livestock Master Plan
LPP League for Pastoral Peoples and Endogenous Livestock Development. See also WISP.
LPZ Livestock Production Zone
LSA Livestock Sector Analysis
MAK Makerere University in Uganda
M & E Monitoring and Evaluation
MARD Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Vietnam)
MARS Marker Assisted Recurrent Selection
MBS Market-Based Solution
MC Management Committee
MDGs Millennium Development Goals [[124]]
MEDEP Micro Enterprise Development Program
MEL Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
MFW4A Making Finance Work for Africa Partnership [[125]]
MFI Micro Finance Institution
MilkIT Milk India Tanzania - an ILRI research programme
MIN Materials Issue Note
ML Management Learning
MLN Maize Lethal Necrosis [[126]]
MLND Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease
MMI Mapfura-Makhura Biofuels Incubator [[127]]
MOA Ministry of Agriculture
MOAFS Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security
MRV Measurement, Reporting and Verification
MTA Materials Transfer Agreement - See also SMTA - Standard Materials Transfer Agreement
MTIP Medium-Term Investment Plan
MTP Medium-Term Plan
MTR Mid Term Review
NAAIP National Accelerated Agricultural Input Programme (Kenya) [[128]]
NABNet North Africa Biosciences Network
NAES National Agricultural Extension Service
NAFIS National Farmers Information Service (Kenya)]
NAFSIP National Agriculture and Food Security Investment Plan
NAFSN New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition [[129]]
NAISs National Agricultural Innovation Systems
NAMA The National Agri-Marketing Association (USA)]
Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions
NAP National Action Plan, Natural Areas Program, Needs Assessment Profile or Plan
No Acronyms Please
NARI National Agricultural Research Institute
NARO National Agricultural Research Organisation
NARS National Agricultural Research System
NaSARRI National Semi Arid Resources Research Institute, Uganda]
NASEP National Agriculture Sector Extension Policy (Kenya)]
NASFAM National Association of Smallholder Farmers (Malawi) [[130]]
NBCRI Norman Borlaug Commemorative Research Initiative
NCCAP National Climate Change Action Plan (Kenya)
NCCRS National Climate Change Response Strategy (Kenya )
NCF Nordic Climate Facility - NCF is financed by the NDF and administered by the NEFCO
NCP National Contact Point
NDDB National Dairy Development Board (India)
NDF Nordic Development Fund (administered by the NEFCO)
NDVI Normalized Differentiated Vegetation Index - see IBLI
NEALCO North East Africa Livestock Council (See also IGAD) [com_content&viewarticle&id670:icpald-undertook-the-first-regional-meeting-of-north-east-africa-livestock-council-nealco-&catid95:icpald&Itemid=155]
NECOFA Network for Ecofarming in Africa]
Network for Ecofarming in Africa (Kenya)
NEFCO Nordic Environment Finance Corporation
NEMA National Environment Management Agency (Uganda)]
NEPAD New Partnership for Africa’s Development [[131]]
NES Nucleus Estate and Smallholder
NFPCSP National Food Policy Capacity Strengthening Programme (Bangladesh)
NGO Non-Governmental Organization
NICRA National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture (India) [[132]]
Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement, Negotiated Indirect Cost Recovery Agreement
NPCA NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency
NPD National Programme Director
NPK Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium (fertiliser)
NPM National Programme Manager
NRM Natural Resource Management
NRS Nationally Recruited Staff
NRTT Navajbai Ratan Tata Trust, an Allied Trust of the Sir Ratan Tata Trust - see SRTT]
NSO National Statistical Office
NTWG National Technical Working Group, New Technologies Working Group
N2Africa A project focused on putting nitrogen fixation to work for smallholder farmers growing legume crops]
NUCAFE National Union of Coffee Agribusiness and Farm Enterprises [[133]]
NWO Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
NZAID New Zealand Agency for International Development - replaced in 2013 by the NZAP
NZAP New Zealand Aid Programme (managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade)
OA Open Access (often referring to research data sharing and publication)
OADB Oromiya Agriculture Development Bureau
OAU Organisation of African Unity. See AU.
ODA Overseas Development Agency
ODI Overseas Development Institute (UK) [[134]]
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OFAB Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa [[135]]
OFID OPEC Fund for International Development
OIE World Organisation for Animal Health (Office International des Epizooties)
OP Operating Project
OPEC Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OSP Orange Sweet Potato
OVI Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute - South Africa
OVOP One Village One Product
OWA Outlook Web Application
PAAP Policy Analysis and Advocacy Programme (of ASARECA)
PACWG Priority Assessment Criteria Working Group
PAD Project Appraisal Document
PAEPARD Platform for African - European Partnership on Agricultural Research for Development [[136]]
PAFO Pan African Farmers’ Organization [[137]]
PAG Pastoralist Advisory Group
PanAAC Pan African Agribusiness & Agroindustry Consortium [[138]]
PANVAC Pan-African Veterinary Vaccine Centre [[139]]
PASS Programme for Africa's Seed Systems
PATTEC Pan African Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis Eradication Campaign
PBS Program for Biosafety Systems
PCC Partners Coordinating Committee
PCG Partial Credit Guarantee
PE Participative Epidemiology, Productive Employment
PEGNet Poverty Reduction, Equity and Growth Network
PELUM Participatory Ecological Land Use Management]
PENAPH Participatory Epidemiology Network for Animal and Public Health
PENU Participatory Epidemiology Network in Uganda. Established in Dec 2012 under the umbrella of PENAPH
PES Payments for Environmental Services
PGRFA Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
PHM Post-Harvest Management
PI Principal Investigator (in a research programme)
PICOTEAM A network of organisations in Africa, Latin America and Europe which supports people and organisations in their efforts to bring about change and innovations for sustainable development]
PIM CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions and Markets
PLE People, Livestock and Environment (an ILRI research theme)
PLWHA People Living With HIV/AIDS
PMD Project Management Department
PMO Program Management Office / Officer
PNAS Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (of the United States of America)
POA Plan of Action
POC Point of Care, e.g. for a diagnostic test
POWB Program of Work and Budget
PPA Public-Private Alliance (see also PPP), Provisional Patent Application, Planned Program Accomplishment, Project Performance Analysis, Program Project and Activities, Proposed Plan of Action [[140]]
PPLPI Pro-Poor Livestock Policy Initiative
PPM Personnel Policy Manual
PPMC Program Planning & Management Committee
PPP Public Private Partnership (see also PPA), Purchasing Power Parity
PPR Peste des Petit Ruminants (also known as Ovine Rinderpest or Goat Plague)]
PR Participatory Research, Public Relations
PRA Participatory Rural Appraisal - see also RRA]
PRIMAS Poverty Reduction Intervention Mapping in Agricultural Systems
PROLINNOVA Promoting local innovation in ecologically oriented agricultural and natural resource management
PROPAC Sub – regional Platform of Peasant Organizations of Central Africa
PROTA Plant Resources for Tropical Africa]
PRRS Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRSV = PRRS Virus) [[141]]
PS Private Sector
PSD Project Specific Data
PSDA Promotion of Private Sector in Agriculture (Kenya)
PSIA Poverty and Social Impact Analysis
PSSF Pilot Small Scale Farmers
PTA Policy and Technical Advisory
P2I Pathway to Impact
QTL Quantitative Trait Loci
R+D Research and Development
RAM Risk Assessment Matrix / Methodology
RAPP Rural Agriculture and Pastoralism Programme
RARI Regional Agricultural Research Institute
RBA Rights Based Approach
RBMS Results Based Management System
RCMRD Regional Center for Mapping of Resources for Development. See also IGAD and ICPALD.
RDA Recommended Daily Intake [[142]]
Research Data Alliance
Resource Description and Access]
Rural Development Administration (for South Korea and beyond)
REAP Rural Enterprise Assistance Programme
REDD United Nations collaborative initiative on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation]
REPAOC REPAOC consists of 10 National NGO Platforms - French
ReSAKSS-ECA Regional Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System for Eastern and Central Africa
R4D Research for Development
RIDEP Rural Initiative Development Program
RIU Research Into Use
RLHDA Regional Livestock Health and Development Agency
RLP Resilience Learning Project
RMDC Rural Microfinance Development Centre
RMG Research and Management Group
ROA Regional Office for Africa
ROPPA Network of West Africa Peasant and Agricultural Producers’ Organizations [[143]]
RRA Rapid Rural Appraisal - see also PRA
RS&T Research Science & Technology
RSRF Rural Self Reliance Fund
RTB Roots, Tubers and Bananas
RUFORUM Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (Eastern, Central & Southern Africa)
RVF Rift Valley Fever
SA Situation Analysis, South Asia
SAAI SEDA Aluwani Agri Incubator
SABIMA Safe Biotechnology Management in Sub – Saharan Africa
SACAU Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions [[144]]
SACCAR Southern African Centre for Cooperation in Agriculture Natural Resources Research and Training]
SADC Southern African Development Cooperation / Community
SADC/FANR Southern African Development Community / Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources
SACDEP Sustainable Agriculture Community Development Programme
SAG Science Advisory Group
SANBio Southern Africa Network for Biosciences [[145]]
SASA Society for the Advancement of Science in Africa
SBCC Social and Behavior Change Communication
SC Science Council, Steering Committee
SCM Steering Committee Meeting / Member
SDC Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation [[146]]
SDSN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (of the United Nations)
SDVC Strengthening the Dairy Value Chain (in Bangladesh)
SEA South-East Asia
SEDA Small Enterprise Development Agency (South Africa)]
SEGOLIP Sequencing Genotyping and OligoSynthesis and Proteomics
SEI Stockholm Environmental Institute]
SFDB Small Farmers Development Bank
SFFF Safe Food, Fair Food
SFSA The Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture [[147]]
SFRI Soils and Fertilisers Research Institute (Vietnam)
SGRP Systemwide Genetic Resources Programme
SIAP Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture Project - Kenya, funded by GIZ
SIDA Swedish International Cooperation Agency [[148]]
SIDAI Sidai Africa = A network of centres to provide high-quality livestock services in rural Kenya.
SIMLESA Sustainable Intensification of Maize – Legume cropping systems for food security Eastern and Southern Africa
SKM Strategy and Knowledge Management
SLA Sustainable Livelihood Approach
SLO System Level Objective
SLP Systemwide Livestock Program
SLU Saint Louis University (USA)]
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences [[149]]
SMA Single Mothers Association
SMEs Small Market Enterprises / Small & Medium Sized Enterprises
SMEDA Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (Pakistan)]
SMS Subject Matter Specialist
SMTA Standard Materials Transfer Agreement (of the ITPGRFA = the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture) [[150]]
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation]
SO Signing Official
SP System Priority
SPAC Science & Partnership Advisory Committee
SPEED Support for Private Enterprise Expansion and Development
SPIA Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (of the CGIAR) [[151]]
SRD Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (Vietnam)
SRF Strategy and Results Framework
SRO Sub-Regional Organisation
SRP Strategic Research Portfolio
SPRING Strengthening Partnerships, Results and Innovations in Nutrition Globally - A USAID project]
SRT Strategic Research Theme
SRTT Sir Ratan Tata Trust (India) See also NRTT (Navajbai Ratan Tata Trust)]
SSA Sub-Saharan Africa
SSF Small Scale Farmers (See also PSSF = Pilot Small Scale Farmers)
STEPS Social, Technological and Environmental Pathways to Sustainability]
S3A Science Agenda for Agriculture in Africa
STPH Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute]
SUA Sokoine University of Agriculture (Tanzania)
SUN Scaling Up Nutrition movement]
SWA Sector Wide Approach
SWEP System Wide and Ecoregional Programme
SWP System Wide Program
SVDC Sorghum Value Chain Development Consortium
TA Traditional Authority
TAC Technical Advisory Committee
TACRI Tanzania Coffee Research Institute [[152]]
TAE Tertiary Agricultural Education
TAFIRI Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute]
TAFORI Tanzania Forestry Research Institute [[153]]
TALENS Transcription Activator-Like Effector Nucleases (a technology for targeted genome editing)
See also CRISPR [[154]]
TALIRI Tanzania Livestock Research Institute
TAN Technical Advisory Note
TAP Tropical Agriculture Platform]
TBD Tick Borne Disease, To Be Determined
TBI Technology Business Incubator
TCCIA Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture]
TEAM-Africa Tertiary Education for Agriculture Mechanism for Africa [[155]]
3ADI African Agribusiness and Agro-Industries Development Initiative
TFP Total Factor Productivity
TiHo University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover (Germany)
TIP Targeted Inputs Program
TLU Tropical Livestock Unit
TNU Thai Nguyen University [[156]]
TOC Theory of Change
TOR Terms of Reference
TORITA Tobacco Research Institute (Tanzania) [[157]]
TOT Training of Trainers
TOTO A project dedicated to sharing world agricultural information using actionable formats
TPRI Tropical Pesticides Research Institute (Tanzania) [[158]]
TRIT Tea Research Institute of Tanzania [[159]]
TSP Technology Supply Push
TSU Texas State University
TVEs Township and Villages Enterprises
TWAS The World Academy of Sciences (for advancement of science in developing countries)]
TWCs Third World Countries
UMAGRI North African Farmers Union / L’union Maghrébine des Agriculteurs (based in Tunis)
UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
UNDP United Nations Development Programme]
UNECA United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
UNEP United Nations Environment Program [[160]]
UNFCCC United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
UNiBRAIN Universities, Business and Researching Agricultural Innovation [[161]]
UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organization
UNISWA University of Swaziland [[162]]
UNU United Nations University]
UNSPPA Uganda National Seed Potato Producers' Association [[163]]
UPU Urban and Peri-Urban areas
USAID United States Agency for International Development [[164]]
USDA United States Department of Agriculture]
UVAS University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan
VAC Vulnerability Action Committee
VCA Value Chain Analysis
VCD Value Chain Development
VDC Village Development Committee
VIDO-InterVac Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organisation - International Vaccine Centre (Canada)
VSF Veterinaries Sans Frontieres [[165]]
W1 CGIAR Window 1 Funding. Contributions to Window 1 represent the least restricted type of funding. The Fund Council sets overall priorities and makes specific decisions about the use of Window 1 Funds such as allocation to CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs), payment of System Costs and any other use required to achieve the CGIAR mission. [[166]]
W2 CGIAR Window 2 Funding. Contributions to Window 2 are designated by Fund Donors to one or more specific CRPs. For each approved CRP, a sub-account is created to which donors may allocate funds. Once Window 2 funds are allocated to a given CRP, they flow to the Lead Center implementing the CRP. See also Bilateral funding
W3 CGIAR Window 3 Funding. Window 3 contributions are the most restricted type of funding, consisting of funds that Fund Donors wish to allocate to specific Centers. Neither the Consortium nor the Fund Council makes decisions about the use of Window 3 funds. Within 2 years after the CGIAR Fund’s establishment, the Fund Council will review the use of Window 3 in consultation with the Consortium Board.
WAAPP West Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme (Nigeria)
WAARI West African Agribusiness Resource Incubator [[167]]
WABNet West Africa Biosciences Network
WACCI West Africa Centre for Crop Improvement (Ghana)]
WANA West Asia North Africa region
WACCI West Africa Centre for Crop Improvement (Ghana) [[168]]
WAMIP World Alliance of Mobile Indigenous Peoples. See also WISP
WASI The Western Highlands Agriculture & Forestry Science Institute (Vietnam)
WB World Bank
WECARD West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development [[169]]
WEF With Effect From
WEMA Water Efficient Maize for Africa [[170]]
WG Working Group
WISP World Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism. See also LPP and WAMIP.
WLE Water Land and Ecosystems - a CGIAR research programme
WOTRO Netherlands Foundation for the Advancement of Tropical Research
WRF World Rural Forum
WRS Warehouse Receipt System
WSPA World Society for the Protection of Animals - Africa Regional Office is in Nairobi]
WTP Willingness to Pay
WUO Water Users Association
WWF World Wildlife Fund
YARD Youth Action for Rural Development
YIA Youth in Agriculture
YPARD Young Professionals in Agricultural Research for Development.
ZimCLIFS Integrating Crops and Livestock for Improved Food Security and Livelihoods in Zimbabwe [[171]]
ZOI Zone of Influence